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Groups & Clubs

    • Great Start Parent Coalition
      The Great Start Parent Coalition is made up of committed parents from all over the county who want to ensure a GREAT START for their own children and all children in the community. The Coalition’s mission is to increase parents’ skills, knowledge, and participation in early childhood planning and decision making in the community.
    • Grand Rapids Mothers and More
      This group provides opportunities for mothers to connect with one another, develop their identities as women and help them move through the transitions that affect their family, work and life. They also provide a network of support for moms through an environment in which friendships can be cultivated.
    • Bright Beginnings
      Bright Beginnings program includes the following services: Personal home visits, playgroups/parent meetings, developmental screening, resource network, nutrition information resources. Bright Beginnings is available to ALL families in Kent County with children birth to Kindergarten entry.
    • MomsBloom
      MomsBloom was born to bring volunteers and families together to provide physical and emotional support to any family with a newborn - free of charge.
    • Grand Rapids Dads
      These dads get around! If you are a dad and looking to connect or want to find a playgroup, then you are in luck!
    • West Michigan Parents Network
      Need a play date? Want an activity? Looking for other parents to talk things over with? This group meets online and in the real world. Membership is free, the activities are reasonably priced, and the people are great.
    • Moms Club South
      MOMS Club is a non-profit support group, specifically aimed at meeting the needs of mothers who choose to stay at home with their children part or full time.
    • Grand Rapids Tightwad
      A Grand Rapids native finds and posts great deals and freebies right here in our community.
    • Rockford Moms Club
      Ever feel like you’re the only mother who stays home? You are not alone! Come meet other at-home mothers at the MOMS Club!
    • GRMom2Mom
      Connecting moms and Serving Christ, playdates and “coffee breaks” every Thursday morning.