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WIN! Family Four-Pack of Tickets to GR Symphony Family Concert

The tickets for this giveaway were donated by our sponsors at the Grand Rapids Symphony. All opinions are my own.

Congratulations to our winner Nicole Morris.

by Melody V.


It’s hard to believe that we’re into spring and the Grand Rapids Symphony is preparing for their final Family Series Concert, “The Listener”. This performance is sure to leave the audience wondering what might happen next. What starts off as a concert of popular orchestral music ends in an unexpected way. Here’s a hint: In this production, the Grand Rapids Symphony is joined by Magic Circle Mime Company!

Family Series Concerts are geared toward kids ages 8-13 and their families, although we think all will enjoy the show. You’ll want to get there early, too, because there’s a free musical petting zoo starting at 2pm (translation: get up close and personal with symphony instruments!)

Tickets are $15 for adults, $9 for children and are available at the Symphony offices, weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 300 Ottawa NW, Suite 100, (located across from the Calder Plaza), or by calling 616/454-9451, Ext. 4. (Phone orders will be charged a $2 per ticket service fee, with a $12 maximum.) Tickets may also be purchased through Ticketmaster.

We want to send your family to this seasons last Family Series Concert. Win a family 4-pack of tickets to the April 14, 2013 performance at 3 PM show at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center.

To enter the giveaway tell us…if your child was an instrument, which one would s/he be?

The Listener



*This contest will close on  April 10, 2013 and winner will be notified via email. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. Leaving a comment on this blog post is not a requirement of entry. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to grkids.com and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used to enter the contest and notify winners. Entrants will release Facebook from all liability. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Michigan. Only one entry per household. Entrants may also enter the contest by sending an email to contests at grkids dot com containing their name, address, phone number and email address along with the words: gr symphony family four pack Giveaway in the subject line. Grand Rapids Kids’ liability is limited to the value of the prize.

Melody V

Melody V

Melody started grkids.com in 2009 on a whim. The site has grown leaps and bounds since then and she is just as amazed as everyone else. She enjoys listening to audiobooks, creating with chalk paint, tickling her kids and enjoying our wonderful city.

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  • Lori

    I’ve got three boys… and they’d all be a different instrument. The oldest would be a guitar, it can be so beautiful, but fast and loud at times. My middle would be drums, keeping the beat for everyone. My youngest would be one of those all in one harmonica, drums, cymbals attached to your feet! He’s loud and always on the go!

  • Erica Wright

    If my kid was an insturment it would probably be a trumpet because he is loud! lol

  • Jana Kuiper

    He would be a drum, because he love to march and likes rt o keep the beat.

  • Jamie Klop

    I would have to say kazoo, as there is always an underlying hum of activity going on.

  • Crystal Barrett

    Hmmm…I guess that my oldest would be a violin b/c she’s soothing and melodic. :-)

  • Nicole M.

    My oldest daughter would be a flute because she is quiet and feminine, and my youngest daughter would be the drums, because she is always loud and loves to be heard!!

  • Tammy

    I would say he would be a piano…sometimes soft a sweet and other times loud and staccato.

  • Beth M.

    My three children have very different personalities. The oldest would definitely be a snare drum, as he is quite precocious and definitely sets the rythym of the household. The middle child (the only girl) is more of an oboe. She blends well with everyone, but is sooooo sweet on her own as well. The youngest (my toddler boy) is a trumpet – bright and happy, but sometimes a little too loud!

  • Rebecca Williams

    I’m going to say my daughter would probably be a piano. She loves to sing and can carry a great tune and has great rhythm. My son on the other hand would no doubt be a trombone. He is so loud and proud of it!

  • Rachel

    A drum, they love to march and have the ability to a hold a subtle beat, but they can turn up the volume at any moment.

  • Stacy

    I think the both of my girls would be an entire symphony! They change their tune all the time and can be fast and slow in a matter of minutes!

  • Lisann

    My youngest son would be a bass drum, he can be loud and upbeat, but you always notice when he is not around. My oldest son would be a cello, very precise and beautiful.

  • Christine Stander

    My son navy would be a flute because he is light hearted and very creative. He goes from one thing to the next with easy transition like a flute.

  • Tristy K

    Definitely the entire horn section! My five boys are LOUD!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    My daughter would be the drums, she ends up being the loudest in the room!

  • Mellissa Ramirez

    I have 3 boys, my 6 yr old would be a flute; my 8 yr old a guitar and my 10 yr old would be a piano :) very much the same, but also very different.

  • Jenny

    My sons(s) would be drums cuz they are always running around, keeping the beat.

  • Sheila

    My daughter would be a piano. Sometimes soft and sweet, other times loud and dramatic.
    My son would be a trumpet. Bright, loud, and quick.

  • leslie

    My daughter would be the dramatic obeo that can be soft and miving. My son is a cymbal soft but loud and wants to be heard..

  • susan

    I have 4 boys….I think they would be a set of drums, trombone, recorder, and a bell.

  • Joy Burd

    My oldest would be a piano because he plays it all the time, can’t get him to stop! My youngest would be an electric guitar…loud and wild!

  • Kristen

    My kids would be drums!

  • Samantha

    My kids are all so different but I think they could all be a saxophone. The three of them are always dancing so jazzy around the house.

  • Jill Kuiper

    Good question, no answer. I know they love to play grandma’s organ and piano, but as for what instrument they’d be, I have no clue.

  • Joy A

    My son would be a drum as he is the loudest and my daughter would be a piano as she can change keys easily.

  • Della McArthur

    I have 3 children who would absolutely love to hear the symphony! My 3 year old hums to a ton of music & my older 2 are in band.

  • Cheryl

    My oldest would be a clarinet, as sometimes he’s super fast paced and others where he’s slow and calm. My youngest would be a trombone, he’s quiet and goes with the group, but every once in awhile he really gets ramped up and shows his outer self.

  • Shawn B!

    I have six littles, one is only three months, so I’m going w/ a Five Man Acoustical Band!

  • Sarah

    My daughter would be likened to a harp… Light and joyful.

  • Tara

    4 kids = string quartet

  • leah

    My kids would be symbls be their loud and lively!

  • Regan Johnson

    My oldest is like a trumpet – he loves to blow! (run his mouth) He is approaching the teenage years…My middle son, is like the drums – loves to bang on things, and my youngest is like a little piccalo – he is so cute and little!

  • Becky

    My son would be a drum, he loves to dance to the beat.

  • Kristin

    My daughter would be the drums; the heartbeat of every song :)

  • Christie

    I have 2 daughters. They are opposites in almost every way. One would be a saxophone. She’s outgoing, jazzy and really adds a some spice to a group or all on her own. My other daughter on the other hand, reminds me of a harp. She is complicated yet beautiful in her own quiet way. When people get to hear her, she always impresses them, but she’s usually in the background being special in her own way.

  • June Hubbard

    My oldest granddaughter would be drum because she likes to keep the beat going in the house. The twins would be flutes because they like to dance.

  • deb

    My daughter would be a piccolo. She’s petite plus she’s always dancing and moving around like a little busy bee. My son would be a string bass, not for the size, but as it’s very mellow sounding but movin’ and groovin’.

  • Sara

    My son would be a drum. Pounding out his own unique rhythm.

  • Emily Dafoe

    I have two boys and a girl….. They all love the drum!

  • Sarah

    This is hard but I think I think my six year old son would be a horn because he is so loud and full of energy. My three year old daughter would be a drum because ages just as loud and tends to keep the beat around our house.

  • Lisa

    A trumpet. He is always pretending to be one. He LOVES music!

  • Rhonda

    If my daughter was an instrument, I think she would be a flute. She is dainty, loves to flit around, and is graceful.

  • janna kooi

    My youngest would be a piccolo, always heard over the rest. :-)

  • Kim

    My older so would be a saxophone. He can be smooth and jazzy.
    My younger son would be timpani. He sets the pace of life.

  • Brit Dygert

    If my daughter was an instrument she would be drum because she loves to beat to the music!

  • Heather f.

    My son with Aspergers Syndrome would definatly be the metronome. He can’t help but constantly be moving his feet in a rhythmic, tick tick fashion.

  • Heather Hammerstrom

    If my children were instruments, I think that my son would be drums (always banging on things and is so loud!) and my daughter would be a flute (always flitting around from one thing to another…the way a flute sounds).

  • Jennifer Kidd

    I have two boys and my youngest would be a drum!! He is loud and energetic!! My oldest would be a piano – having the ability to be quiet and calm, but also loud and energetic!!

  • Willow

    My daughter’s would be a violin and a flute because my husband won’t let any other instruments in our house:)

  • Della McArthur

    I have 3 children. The oldest & the youngest would be flutes. They are quiet & dainty. My middle child is a boy. I would day he would be a trombone (he plays one) because he can be loud some times.

  • Kim

    My son would be a set of drums because he is loud and steady!

  • Marlene Rose

    My grand daughter would be a drum, because she is always bouncing around.

  • Sara

    My son would be a guitar because he has always wanted to be able to play it. My daughter would probably be the flute because she lives soft pretty music. :)

  • Jennifer

    trumpets and drums

  • Stephaney Wheeler

    My boys are 8 and 10. Drums and guitars describe them well. They can both be pretty crazy and loud, but once they settle in they meld together.

  • Angela ursell

    My son wants to be a conductor so he can play with a stick without me telling him to “be careful”- he is 3

  • kris kosturik

    What instrument would me kids be? that is a tough one…
    I think they would be an oboe and a drum.
    They would say trumpets or drums.

  • Rachel

    My son, who is 8, would be percussion: full of rhythm, always in the go and chock full of spontaneity. And my three year old daughter? She would have to be a cello, always huggable, somewhat melodramatic, but beautiful inside and out.

  • Monica Vedders

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