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LaughFest is here and in the spirit of fun, Stephanie recently asked our Facebook readers, “What’s something you have uttered to your child that you never thought would come out of your mouth?”

The responses are hilarious… and we’ve listed our favorites below.

Which one is your favorite?

  1. You need a sock? Here, I have one in my pocket.
  2. We don’t color our butts with orange marker…
  3. Get the cat out of your pants!
  4. Don’t eat your sister’s boogers.
  5. You have to wear undies to school.
  6. You must wear at LEAST underwear at the table.
  7. You can’t roller-skate in the house naked!
  8. It’s a rule boys, no one is allowed to put their peepee on the table.
  9. Your poop is NOT paint!
  10. We don’t lick ANY of your brother’s body parts in the bath, and I don’t care if it is clean.

What unbelievable thing do you find yourself saying? [clear][line][clear]