10 Reasons to Love Staying in Grand Rapids for Spring Break

Staying in Grand RAPIDS for spring break


But, I might just have to “hide” my vacationing friends…

Let’s pretend that I’m not bitter about my Facebook and Instagram feeds blowing up with pictures of tropical bliss right about now. I don’t fault those lucky enough to getaway… but I won’t pretend I’m not a bit jealous. Thankfully, we decided we wouldn’t let the snow slow down our spring break fun…

So we played on the playground…

Grand Rapids for Spring Break

Enjoyed some fudgesicles…


And had some beach fun…

FullSizeRender(52)But these aren’t the only fun reasons you’ll love spring break in Grand Rapids. Here are ten more reasons love spring break in Grand Rapids.


10 – There’s no chance of sunburn when you stay in Grand Rapids over break.

9 – Travel headaches are not your problem. Let someone else deal with the TSA, lost luggage, food poisoning, carsick kids and sleeping in hotel rooms with children.

8 – You save a lot of money. Travel is pricey, especially if you include airfare. And all of those restaurants and hotel nights add up quickly.

7 – No bugs. You don’t have to worry about pesky houseflies or the scarier Zika virus. Who needs a screened in porch when the 30 degree temps at night take care of the insects for you?

6 – You don’t have to pack or unpack. This is a huge task, especially for parents of young kids. Don’t forget the…

5 – You can get a head start on your spring cleaning. Hello Marie Kondo! Think of how invigorated you’ll feel about clean closets and cupboards while returning travelers deal with mounds of laundry.

4 – You can savor lazy mornings and late nights and having the kids at home! Nothing says staycation like lounging in PJs all day. It’s nice to have a little free time in the schedule.

3 Shopping at Meijer (or anywhere else) is a breeze. The shelves are fully stocked and the crowds are GONE. It is my favorite time of the year to go to the grocery store, hands down.

2 – Traffic is not an issue. Commutes are almost a delight when a good chunk of the city takes off for warmer digs.

1 – Really, Grand Rapids has so much to offer! GRCM, Calvin Ecosystem Preserve Classes, Butterflies at Meijer Gardens,  Tarry Hall Roller Rink, Catch Air, Flicks family film festival, the Zoo, Rock & Mineral Show, The Mud Room, Sky Zone, Critter Barn, Gymnastics Camps, the Bunny Train, etc, etc, etc. And we’ve got you covered with our gigantic EVENT CALENDAR.

So- tell us- how are you keeping the fun rolling on your spring break?


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10 Reasons to Love Staying in Grand Rapids for Spring Break

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  1. You read my mind..and I love how your are keeping positive with your kids in the snow today!! You’re awesome, Melody! I’m still trying to plan an escape though.. : )

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