$2 Toddler Time at Byron Center Rec is the Bomb!

Byron Center Township Rec Toddler Time New

$2 Toddler Time? Sign Me Up!

When They Need to run Their Wiggles out and you Want to Stay Warm

Byron Center Township Rec Center Toddler Time


Byron Center Rec Toddler Time

A great spot we enjoy throughout the year, but especially on cold or wet days is the Byron Center Recreation Building. It is an affordable way to let your little run their wiggles out. It is only $1/child if you live in Byron Center or $2/child if you are a non-resident.  They also have a season pass option available at $10 for each resident child or $15 for each non-resident child.

Byron Center Township Rec Center Toddler Time

Ages 5 and Under

The Recreation Center blocks out half of the gym for children five and under to come play with their caregivers.  They put out mats, balls, hula hoops, a parachute and other miscellaneous toys for the children to play with. My daughter is most happy when the bounce house is up and waiting for her!

Byron Center Township Rec Center Toddler Time

This is a great place to go for families seeking indoor entertainment. We always feel welcome at the facility by the friendly staff.  We like to play basketball, participate in free play on the mats or just simply run around the gym.  My daughter is usually ready for a nap after such a busy morning.

Byron Center Township Rec Center Toddler Time


Byron Recreation Center Contact Information

  • The Byron Recreation Center is open for Toddler Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 AM.
  • 2120 76th St. Byron Center, MI 49315 | 616-878-1998.
  • Toddler Time runs October – April.
  • Visit their website for more information.
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