Build Community With These Neighborhood Events You’ll Love

I absolutely love my neighborhood. Not only do my kids have tons of friends here, but we also have met some of our own very best friends here. We are a social bunch out in Hudsonville – we have had lots of cool “events” over the years. Let me tell you about a few of them in hopes that you can try some of them in your own neighborhood!

Summertime Progressive Party

What is it?
This is by far my favorite neighborhood event to date! Families traveled to several houses throughout the neighborhood and did a fun activity at each place.

Neighborhood Event slip and slide

How to make it happen:
Get a few volunteers who are willing to host an activity in their yard. Then decide on the order of travel and an approximate schedule. For our party, we had an obstacle course, a water balloon fight, a slip and slide, some fun water games, popsicles, a simple craft, and ended with a pool party.

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4th of July Bike Parade/Cookout

What is it?
We all get together and let the kids decorate their bikes for Independence Day. Then we have a “parade” throughout the neighborhood followed by a hot dog cookout.Neighborhood Event bike parade 2

How to make it happen:
Pick a good location (we have ours in one of our neighborhood cul-de-sacs) and set up some tables. Have people sign up to bring different items (balloons, streamers, paper, markers, tape, etc. for the bike decorating and hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips, drinks, cookies, ice, coolers, plates, napkins, etc. for the cookout).


Give Back to the Community

What is it?
I have always wanted to organize a community service opportunity for our neighborhood. By having a food drive for hand 2 hand, we were able to give back right within our neighborhood! We decided to pair the food drive with Halloween and trick-or-treating.

Hand 2 hand has a trailer that they will park in your neighborhood, school, church, or business. We also challenged a couple nearby neighborhoods to see who could collect the most items. We decorated the trailer and passed out candy as people dropped off their donations while they were out trick or treating.


How to make it happen:
Decide on an organization to support. In addition to hand 2 hand, there are several other local volunteer options here: . Then it’s just a matter of getting things organized!

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You’ve Been Egged (or BOOed, or Elfed or April Fooled…)

What is it?
This is a fun way to pass some small gifts and fun throughout your neighborhood. We have done this at Halloween (You’ve Been Booed) and Christmas (You’ve Been Elfed), but it could be done any time. My kids love getting dressed in all black and going on a “ninja mission” to deliver goodies!

How to make it happen:
Decide when you want to do it and simple be the one to kick it off! The instructions for how to pass it on are included with the gift you deliver. Some examples of free printables to get you started are here and here. It’s fun to watch the signs pop up on everyone’s front doors. It’s a great way to meet some new people!

Family Movie Night

What is it?
Host an outdoor movie night for the neighborhood! All you need is a yard, a projector, and something to project it on (we use a big white sheet for ours!) I have also seen this done on a garage door.

Neighborhood Event movie night

How to make it happen:
For our neighborhood movie night, we have set up a “voting box” in our front yard the week before. That way people get to vote for the movie and you have an idea of how many people are coming. We have simply had everyone bring their own chairs, blankets, snacks, etc.

Good luck planning your own neighborhood event!

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Kate R
Kate considers herself incredibly lucky to be a full time mom and also part time social worker and ASD consultant with Hudsonville Public Schools. While at home, she loves spending time with her kids, Cooper and Zoe. Kate loves all things creative and messy, playing games, gardening, biking, reading, and summers off with her awesome teacher-husband, Kevin.

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  1. Shirley Grabowski April 21, 2017 at 12:25 am - Reply

    Kate and her family are awesome people. Our daughter has been blessed to be her next door neighbor. They live in the warmest, welcoming neighborhood I have ever seen. They are like a big family with lots of kids and adults who really care about each other.They always help and support each other. It is an amazing place to raise children.

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