5 Reasons Goldfish Gets a Gold Star in My Book

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Swim lessons were generously provided by Goldfish Swim School. All opinions are my own.

Goldfish Took My Boys from Zero to Swim in a Few Lessons

Summer is right around the corner and kids everywhere will soon be beating the heat by splashing around in the pool. I would’ve never guessed that my husband and I would be considering a pool membership, seeing that I don’t swim and the only body of water my children (ages 2 ½ and 5) used to dare go near was the bathtub. But after three months of lessons at Goldfish Swim School, my boys have become mini mermen!

If you’re looking for a spot for your littles to get comfy in the water, learn water safety, or even brush up on skills, Goldfish just might be the place for them!

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A Lasting First Impression

From the moment I walked into the place, I was in love! One of the initial attributes I noticed was the cleanliness of the facility.  I am a self-proclaimed, proud neat freak, so I was happy to see clean bathrooms, private changing rooms, and everything else in its place.  

I felt very welcomed by the staff, too! They were super friendly as they showed us around from the Snack Shack and store to the showers and hair drying station.

I love the open layout (complete with a little toy corner) and the seating area with its big glass windows. It allows for parents to keep an eye on their other children who might be playing while they also enjoy watching their little swimmers learn.

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Read This before Enrolling Your Kid in Goldfish Swim School Lessons

1 – No need to suit up and get in the water with your little one!

While adult participation is required for the babies, it is not an option once children reach age two. That was most definitely a PLUS for me!  I enjoyed having a half hour to sit, snap pictures of the kids, and snack without little hands reaching to share.

2 – Instructors Start Teaching Based on the Comfort Level of the Child.

This was super important to me as a parent, and it made me feel excited knowing that it was just as important to the instructors. Let me remind you that our kids have had very little exposure to water, even after living in California for a year.  They went from not wanting water poured on their heads from a cute little fishy spout cup to being okay with being fully submerged. That’s huge…especially if you know my boys!

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3 – Goldfish Thrives on Positive Reinforcement

At Goldfish, instructors are always reassuring kids’ progress with tons of high-fives and verbal praises.

One of my kids’ personal favorites was the ribbons. Whenever they mastered a big skill, such as putting their heads in the water or floating all by themselves, they were rewarded with a bright, shiny ribbon!

Hands down the most rewarding part of teaching swim lesson is working with kids,” says Goldfish Swim School. “Children are amazing. Each day they are asked to learn new skills and tackle situations that might scare them. At GSS we try to celebrate every skill learned, small or large.”

4 – Instructors can Handle a Crying Child

I went into our first lesson at Goldfish hoping that my kids wouldn’t flip a lid when it was time to get in the water. I had hyped them up beforehand telling them how awesome it was going to be. That tactic worked with my oldest, but not so much with the youngest. He cried during his first three lessons, reaching for me through the glass. At the time, I didn’t know whether to hide from him and watch from afar or keep my seat front and center.

Goldfish instructors say that on average, it takes about three classes for a crying child to get comfortable. The expectation of the parent when your child is crying in the pool is just to support him outside the pool.  

“Let us calm your child and start to build trust in the pool,” advises Goldfish. “We recommend that parents stay in sight of the child, but not make eye contact.”  

After the lesson, Goldfish recommends positive reinforcement from parents. Tell your kids that they did great!

5 – They have Everything you Need in House

I don’t know what it was about the water, but my youngest son seemed to poop almost every time I changed him into his swim diaper! The first time it happened it was SO super convenient to go right over to the “store” in the front lobby, grab a new pair of swim underwear, and pay at the front desk. They have all the gear kids need for swim lessons and snacks for kids to munch on before or after lessons.

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Needless to say, we’ll be sticking around Goldfish for a while! My kids wait for Wednesdays to roll around because they know that it’s their Goldfish day! And the last couple lessons, they cried when it was time to leave. Check it out for yourself, and I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do!

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