About Mobile Ads on grkids.com

Mobile ads are served to anyone using a smartphone or tablet to access grkids.com. Each time the site is reloaded, one new ad is served. Ads are served on a rotating basis. The ad is located at the bottom of the display and is “sticky.” It is also clickable. There is no way for a user to remove the ad.

Please submit your 800×80 banner ad using the form below.

  • For tips on how to create images, please reference this post
  • Please note that all ads must be submitted in .jpg or .png format (.pdf will not be accepted)
  • Ads need to be in landscape orientation
  • Feel free to access grkids.com on a mobile device to see examples of other 800×80 ads, please make note of the orientation of the ad. Keep in mind that generally, less is more when it comes to wording. CAUTION: DO NOT USE SMALL FONTS ON THESE ADS