Plus Amy Vissman’s 5 Spots for Families to Visit in Grand Rapids

Editor’s note: It can be really hard to find the perfect real estate agent. Selling and/or buying your home can be a stressful experience but the right Realtor can guide you through and make it enjoyable! The Grand Rapids Kids team is spotlighting a few area Realtors that we think are worth looking at.

“House Hunting With Amy is Like Shopping With Your Best Friend”

REALTOR Amy Vissman cherishes that note that a client sent to her because it sums up her attitude about finding homes for people.

“It’s like a scavenger hunt,” Amy told me recently as we had coffee just a few miles from her office at Keller Williams East. “At our first meeting, I don’t know where your house is going to be, but it’s going to be fun to get you there!

It was obvious from the moment we met that Amy loves her job. Her eyes just lit up when she talked about her clients and the real estate experiences she’s had with them.

Amy’s energy was contagious. I mean, I left that meeting wishing I was a Realtor and could go on house hunting adventures with people all day!

Amy Vissman Best Grand Rapids Realtor

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Amy Vissman is Your Fun Realtor

I think part of what keeps Amy in love with her work is her ability to serve clients anywhere, and for any price range.

I was surprised to see the map of where Amy has sold homes, because it covered all of metro Grand Rapids. I couldn’t find a “zone” where Amy seemed to specialize, and she’s been working in Grand Rapids for 13 years.

“That’s what I love about my job,” Amy told me. Earlier that day she got put onto a hunt for a house in Allegan, and she was all in.

“It’s fun to help buyers find a new neighborhood because there’s so many to choose from!” said Amy.

“I’m excited to share West Michigan with people–you’ve gotta see what we have here.”

Happy Amy Vissman Realtor and Client

Amy’s Top 5 Picks for Grand Rapids Family Fun

Amy loves our many neighborhoods, communities, school systems, friendly people, dining, culture and downtown of Grand Rapids.

She also recognizes that relocating to Grand Rapids can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know just what to see and do at first. Here are Amy’s top 5 spots that she thinks families will love about Grand Rapids:


Amy Vissman REALTOR's 5 places to visit in Grand Rapids

She knows how important family is, and as a result, many of Amy’s clients are family members of past home buyers and sellers. I laughed when I read one of her reviews because one of them seemed to list everyone in their family as a client– once one of them had met Amy, they all became eager to work with her.

Helping You Find Your Way Home

“It does not matter to me how much the house is,” said Amy. “What matters to me is taking care of the client. Whatever kind of house we’re looking for, we’re going to find it!”

I love that Amy will put the same amount of energy into an $80,000 house hunt as she would a $1 million house hunt.

“We want to help families find their home, neighborhood and community that is just right for them.”

One of the ways Amy Vissman and her team at Grand Rapids Home Realty helps families do this is through their mobile property search app. Here you can specialize your search, drive down a street and see what is for sale and to easily communicate with Amy and Grand Rapids Home Realty!

Remember that feeling when you bought your first (or second, or third!) house? And how exhilarating it was? Amy gets to ride off that high all the time. While it could be easy to get caught up in quickly closing a deal and then moving onto the next client, Amy enjoys working with her clients to the very last minute.

As we parted ways, Amy told me she that the next day was a special day, because she was going to two closings, and she loves the excitement that families have when they make their home choice official.

“I have the greatest job in the world,” she said.

Amy Vissman Realtor and family-2

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