A Grand Rapids Doctor Teaches How to Bring Groceries into Our Homes

how to bring groceries into home

Strange Times Call for Strange Measures

I never thought I’d see the day when the most iffy thing I did during the day was go to the grocery store, yet here we are.

Social distancing measures are in place, we’re under an executive order to stay at home, and we need food.

I really don’t want to go out again, but when I tried to buy two cartons of milk at Costco last week for our family of five I was told I could only get one… so that means we’ll run out of milk tomorrow and we’ll either need to go without milk or I have to brave the grocery store again. So much for the 2-week supply I was going for…

My husband and I have been discussing grocery shopping protocol – only one of us will go, we bring our own wipes in the car afterward, we’re trying to shop during off-peak hours (that don’t seem to exist any longer) and how we should treat any packages delivered to our home. I was honestly relieved – and a little bit scared – when a friend shared this video with me.

Pretend the Germs are Glitter and You Don’t Want Any in Your House…

I showed this almost 15-minute video (featuring Grand Rapids family physician Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen) to my older kids – not to scare them – but to give them an idea of what it takes to keep germs at bay.

I really liked the doctor’s example of pretending that there is glitter all over everything and our goal is to minimize it letting it into your house or getting it on your face.

Other things he covers:

  • how to bring groceries into your home
  • how to clean/sanitize your groceries
  • how to handle take-out food and which type of take-out food to go for

I Have a New Level of Understanding

If I’m honest, I’m probably not going to be able to do everything to the extent that he recommends but I am going to be more conscious of what things other people have touched and how those germs could have transfered to me or my household.

This video has opened my eyes and now I understand the need for social distancing on a new level.

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