Explore STEAM Activities All Summer Long at GRCM

New this summer, the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is excited to host weekly STEAM based workshops.

Every Thursday morning from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, kids can engage in a STEAM based program as well as receive materials to continue the fun at home with the rest of their family. (STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).

Since STEAM covers a wide range of possibilities there’s sure to be a workshop to interest them whether you have a kid that is interested in music or building or a little bit everything!

The workshops are presented à la carte, with a flat rate of $25.00 per student for each workshop (plus an online processing fee if purchased online). The costs of these workshops ensures that each student will be able to have materials to use not only during workshop, but also supply them to take what they learn and introduce it their families at home.

To guarantee enough supplies, GRCM is asking that you register your kids one week in advance (you’ll want to sign up early anyway to reserve your child’s spot, as space is limited).

Most of the workshops are recommended for kids ages 6 – 10, but these are not rigid age restrictions (parents can best judge this, but being fully potty trained is a must). The workshops are also drop-off, so you are free to leave and run errands or enjoy some kid free time for a couple of hours.

The Big List of STEAM Workshops at GRCM

To be honest, Empathy Exploration looks interesting to me – I think all kids could take that one! Which ones do you think your child will love?

Empathy Exploration (June 14)

Children will explore their emotions and the emotions of others, identify positive coping strategies, as well as respect and respond to the feelings of others through an open dialogue with class leaders and hands-on activities!

Dream Journal Collage (June 21)

Led by community artist Mariah Cowsert, participants will be guided through a group brainstorm activity of what their dream world looks like. Then we will put this paper, using collage materials to create the cover of our own pocket Dream Journals. We will experiment with color, patterns, nature scenes, and textures to re-imagine what has already been constructed in the world.

Songwriting Journeys (June 28)

Led by creativity activist Jessica Fogle, participants will improv songs, discuss song structure, experiment with instruments, have the opportunity to write a group song, and spend time writing their own songs!

Capoeira for Kids (July 5)

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that incorporates martial art, dance, and acrobatic movement into a fun game perfect for children! Capoeira empowers children to explore their talents and develop their physical and mental skills through games, song, and dance! In our Capoeira for Kids workshop children will learn how to play Capoeira, as well as learn about it’s Afro-Brazilian roots.

Build a Beast (July 12)

Practice teamwork and creativity by working together to build a beast! Children will work with a variety of three-dimensional materials to create, decorate, and finally name a creature together.

Slime Factory (July 19)

Learn to read recipes, explore different ingredients, and see what sort of fun your scientist can concoct!

Scribble Bots (July 26)

Design and build your very own scribble bot using a small motor and materials to let your imagination soar.

Drumming & Percussion (August 2)

Drummer, percussionist, and creativity enthusiast Dan Rickabus will lead this interactive introduction to drums and percussion instruments. Learn about all sorts of percussion and styles from all over the world, what they sound like, and how to play them. This workshop will culminate in an epic percussion jam where we can all explore sound, feel the rhythm and make music together!

Momentum Machines (August 9)

Together we will learn about what makes our bicycles roll. Then we will take bicycles parts and put on our tinker-hats to see what other moving machines we can make!

Watershed Workshop (August 16)

Investigate the journey of water and learn more about the natural world!

Mystery Workshop TBD (August 23)

Check GRCM.org later this summer to find out what the final STEAM workshop will be!


Tickets can be purchased at the front desk or online (recommended method).

Workshops are every Thursday, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM, June 16 – August 23, 2018. GRCM reserves the right to make adjustments or cancellations up to five days prior to an event.

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