The Academy of Music in Grand Rapids Inspires Students to Achieve Their Dreams

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Pssst… The Academy of Music has a Secret – They can get Kids to Love Music Practice

If you’ve ever taken music lessons, you know that practice can be a drag. It’s hard to be motivated to practice when you just want to suddenly be able to play the piano like Elton John.

The Academy of Music has artfully figured out how to motivate kids to practice, and encourages them to reach for the stars with their musical dreams. Suddenly, practicing and learning an instrument is exciting.

How Do They Do It?

Founder Barbara Hendricks has been both a piano teacher and the parent of 5 children who were all music students at one time, and she uses her unique insight to motivate students, ensure quality instruction, and care for parents.

And her formula works. For over 15 years families have been wowed by the results they see in their kids.

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5 Reasons Families Sing the Praises of Academy of Music

1 – Kids are Motivated to Practice

Imagine a world where you aren’t nagging your child to practice their instrument!

My daughter would NOT practice her piano lessons. She did not like being told what to practice and when. The moment we told her she didn’t have to practice specific lessons anymore, guess who was sitting at the piano every day, working on techniques? Having the freedom of choice works.

With guidance from instructors, Academy of Music students chart their own path and set the goals they want. Having ownership of their progress gives them more desire to work hard.

As they set and meet goals, kids will be awarded fun bracelets, certificates and even trophies as a part of the Musical Ladder System®.

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2 – Rockstar Recitals Keep Kids Working Hard

When my nephew invited me to his first AOM recital my initial thought was “Sit through a dozen kids who are learning drums? That’s a big pass.”

However, these are not your typical recitals. Held at the Wealthy Theatre, a high tech venue, recitals are so meticulously coordinated, that each one only takes about 45-55 minutes to sit through and cover a variety of instruments and skill levels.

As you can imagine, with their large enrollment, recitals become quite the to-do and make for a great extended family and friends gathering to watch the recital and then go grab a treat (Pinkie’s is right across the street). Did I mention that the recitals are on average only 50 minutes?

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3 – Top Notch Instructors Excite Students

Good instructors are crucial to Academy of Music’s success, and Barbara hand picks the best.  They don’t always teach by the book, but rather are collaborative with their students in what excites them. They’re also flexible. Travel plans or sick one week? No worries, with weekend classes, you can easily make up missed lessons!

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4 – Students Have Their Eye on Special Occasions and Celebrations

In addition to the big biannual recitals, select students may be nominated by their instructors to perform in an honors recital at unique venues and settings like the Grand Rapids Art Museum or Frederik Meijer Gardens, to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Rock Band participants have performed at Festival of the Arts, Cowpie Festival in Alto, and Open House events.

Most recently, students performed at Carnegie Hall. In celebration of AOM’s 15th anniversary, dedicated students were invited to this special once in a lifetime celebration.  

These potential bonus performances keep students excited and parents awed.

5 – The Academy of Music Takes Care of Its Parents

Barbara is a parent, and she knows how to take care of her students’ parents.

The Academy of Music offers multiple lesson rooms, allowing siblings to take lessons simultaneously. Windowed practice rooms invite you to sneak some peeks if you want.

Their fabulous lounge area is stocked with coffee and water, and even activities for younger siblings.

Their Cascade location they chose is close to 96, and they anticipate opening a Jenison campus for quicker commutes for some families.

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Details about The Academy of Music in Grand Rapids

If your shining star is ready to further their musical education, Academy of Music Grand Rapids is the place to start. They specialize in the major five tracts of piano, guitar (including bass, ukulele and mandolin), voice, strings (violin, viola, and cello), and drumming/percussion, starting for students age 5 and up.

And just for GRKIDS followers, the Academy will offer a FREE $30 registration if they mention GRKIDS. Call soon as lesson times are quickly filling up for fall.

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6159 28th St SE, Ste 24

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | 616-965-1655

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  1. I have heard about it. They organize workshops for children so that they can understand the art of live performance and if interested can make it as their career.

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