Rooted In Faith And Nature, Ada Christian School Now Includes PK-8 Integrated Outdoor Education

There is something powerful about experiential learning. When a student can see or do something for themselves, those lessons stick with them far longer than simply reading about it. What better science textbook is there than the actual outdoors?

Ada Christian School is taking that philosophy to heart in their 37-acre classroom! Starting in 2014, Ada Christian began dreaming and planning about how they could incorporate Outdoor Education into all their classes, Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Just a few years later their hard work and determination is paying off! Ada Christian School currently has an integrated Outdoor Education program for all students.

Their property now includes: a WoodshED with amphitheater seating (built by students!), a barn that is home to goats and chickens, an outdoor education classroom, a greenhouse, several gardens, a wind and solar tower, a 2-mile nature trail, and much more.


Students are Thriving With Their Outdoor Education

Students at Ada Christian welcomed the shift to integrated Outdoor Education. Between caring for farm animals to building structures, washing vegetables to exploring the nature trails–students are excited to spend time outside.

Under the guidance of a teacher and Master Gardener, the students began a Gardening Club this past spring that carried through the summer. Two students exhibited exceptional green thumbs and earned their Junior Master Gardener Certificates!

Not Your Grandma’s Garden

Ada Christian has access to state of the art facilities and garden equipment. This fall, they obtained the Grow Wizz Kid growing system, a revolutionary growing system developed in the Netherlands. Ada Christian is the first school in North America to use this system!

They also have their very own Greenhouse which helps start plants from seeds in a controlled temperature environment. Once those plants are stable, students transfer them outside to the Hoop House which is just warmed by natural sunlight and kept humid.

Currently the Hoop House is growing lettuce and other greens that students started from seed.

Where Faith Meets the Fields

The intersection of faith-based learning and Outdoor Education seems natural. “We see the Bible as our field guide and creation as the field,” says principal Melissa Brower.

Students are able to be out in creation which points directly back to the Creator. Using all of their senses to explore nature, students are able to fully experience the goodness of their God.

Ready To Wonder And Wander?

Ada Christian School welcomes members of the community to come and get a breath of fresh air in their beautiful 37-acre classroom. Stop by and visit the property weekdays after 3:00 PM or on the weekends.

Ada Christian provides education for students in preschool (offering 3’s, 4’s, and Young 5’s) and Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

For more information about visiting or enrollment, you can visit their website or call their offices at 616-679-1289.

6206 Ada Dr SE, Ada, MI

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | 616-676-1289


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