Allegan Event is the Wildest Activity Center in West Michigan

kids rock climbing at allegan event

Allegan Event Thrills With High Flying Fun

Whether you’re in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, South Haven, or St. Joseph, making the trek over to the Allegan Event Family Adventure Center is worth the drive.

Once there, you’ll find adventure experiences that are hard to come by in other parts of the state.

Note: Since re-opening after COVID-19, Allegan Event has changed some of their ticket options as they slowly re-open. Please visit their website for the latest information on cleaning & sanitization practices and social distancing guidelines.

Girl at Allegan Event outdoor course


Allegan Event is Fun for All Ages

If your family has a wide age range like ours, finding things that everyone enjoys is a challenge.

Our kids are ages 1, 3, 9, and 13 so when I heard about Allegan Event, I knew we had to visit. American Ninja Warrior for the day, here I come! 

Spoiler Alert: Our expectations were completely exceeded—according to our 3-year-old, it was the “best flying day ever.”

Person flying high at Allegan Event's outdoor course


What You’ll Find Inside Allegan Event Fun Center

The event center warehouse is located on River St. northeast of downtown Allegan.

Inside, you’ll find  attractions for all ages and experience levels.

The Sky Trail® rope course with Sky Rail® zip rails at Allegan Event is perfect for adults and big kids over 48″ tall.

Allegan Event little girl on obstacle course


The Sky Tykes® course with Sky Rail® is perfect for little kids up to 48” tall. Adult supervision is required.

The Sky Tykes® course is the perfect space for toddlers to face their fears. I loved watching my daughter’s tiny self in a harness cruising through obstacles. 

On her first time through the course, my daughter needed to be held when using the zip rails. The second time (and the 30+ times after), she was a pro. It was amazing to see her overcome her fears and radically transform into a girl with oodles of confidence.

I’ll say it again: the low-level zip rails and ropes course is perfect for beginners and little ones. 

Allegan Event girl on indoor course


There is so much to do inside Allegan Event. With its huge variety of activities, you won’t have time to get bored.

Rope Courses With Zip Rail

The upper level is home to the Sky Trail® – 85+ rope elements (including two Sky Rail® zip rails) on a two level course towering 35 feet in the air. 

allegan event rope course

You can spend as much time going through the ropes course as you’d like, and you can go at your own pace.

One great feature is that the speed on the zip rails is entirely within your control. They are incredibly smooth and safe, while still providing a nice dose of adrenaline. Ride the zip rails again and again if you’d like – they’re integrated into the Sky Trail® ropes course as an option.

Allegan Event indoor zipline

For The ‘Stomach Drop’ Fans

The ‘quick jump’ is an optional way to end your time on the ropes course at Allegan Event. It’s a 35-foot free-fall jump from a platform atop the ropes course.

I took the leap and it was AWESOME.

Vertical Drop Slide

For the ultimate stomach drop, you’ll want to do the Vertical Drop Slide.

If you’re game, you’ll hold onto a handlebar and be  pulled up a giant slide. Once you’re at the top (or when you get brave…), let go and glide down.

It made my stomach drop SO HARD. Highly recommend.

The Most Creative Rock Walls You’ll Ever See

The calluses on my hands are a testament to how hard we played on the amazingly fun and colorful rock walls at Allegan Event.

allegan event rock climbing wall

Each wall had a different theme… from a head-to-head timed racing wall, to an ice cliff theme wall with pegboard handholds, to giant 3D rubber balls to climb over, up, and around…and so many you would have to see to believe.

allegan event rock walls

Allegan Event offers 16 different Clip’n’Climb vertical climbing challenges. Bonus: their unique harness systems means that you don’t need another person to belay you.

We each had our favorites, but agreed that we love them all. Well, maybe not the impossible ‘notably hardest’ beanstalk wall. I am pretty sure only a magician could climb that one…or I’m just out of shape…

Side Note: The staff at Allegan Event are extremely patient and great with children. They encouraged all of my children and guided them hand in hand until their confidence built up enough to fly solo.

New Arcade

Allegan Event recently added a new gaming area.

Siblings – or parents – can play a virtual reality game together or race on motorcycles.

In addition to more modern games, there’s also classics like Skee-Ball, a crane machine, and basketball shoot-out.

This is a great opportunity to have fun while taking a break from the physical exertion of all that climbing.


To Continue the Fun, Head Downtown

Take a quick five minute drive from the event center and you’ll be at Allegan Event’s outdoor location, centrally located in the heart of downtown.

There you can zoom across the river on a 600 foot long zipline while overlooking the iron bridge, the beautiful fountain, and river walk. You can also do a ‘quick jump’ like the one at their warehouse, except twice as high. An epic free fall from 60 feet!

allegan event outdoor zipline


Tips for Your Trip to Allegan Event

Parent to parent, these are the things I’d want to know before heading out for a visit.

  • Wear tennis shoes and comfortable athletic clothing.
  • If you are heading to the downtown zip line in the summer you’ll definitely want sunscreen.
  • Take advantage of combo pricing to save money; individual attractions are priced between $10-$23 a person.
  • If you’re visiting with little kids and want to participate yourself, it’s handy to have another adult along because adult supervision is required on the Sky Tykes® course.
  • Concessions and lockers are available. Enjoy snacks in the indoor seating area or on the new outdoor patio that is scheduled to open summer 2020.

We’ll Be Back

I’m so glad we went and our family will definitely be back.

I think I need to hit the gym or do a few push-ups to prepare for our next trip. Our oldest begged to go back the very next day, but I told her my arms couldn’t hang. Literally!


Allegan Event Locations

Indoor Family Adventure Center: 439 River Street, Allegan MI 49010

Outdoor Riverfront Z!P LINE: Riverfront Boardwalk, Allegan MI 49010

WEBSITE | 269-430-3961

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