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ArtPrize runs SEPTEMBER 21 – OCTOBER 9, 2016

Let this list and map help you navigate ArtPrize in 2016 with your field trip students and school kids!

Most school field trips to ArtPrize start near the Grand Rapids Public Museum. That’s why we put stop #1 at the GRCM. But if your school or family starts elsewhere, that’s no problem. The route makes a loop- just pick your starting point and travel in the direction that seems best to you.

Our route will keep you out of tight spaces and make it easy for you navigate with a group without losing anyone. We chose venues that are typically outdoors, offering lots of space, and are usually accessible to large groups. We also choose venues that open before the standard noon or 5:00 pm start time for ArtPrize, making those morning field trips a possibility.

This route will take you about 90 minutes if you’re moving along. You can easily modify the route by cutting off portions or extend the route by lingering in venues like DeVos hall. Quite a few of the venues are indoors, which is nice if the weather isn’t so great.

Also be sure to make use of the PRINTABLE map and ART LIST that are available below. There’s also a list of FIELD TRIP QUESTIONS to jump start your conversations while out and about.

If you use our map, leave us a comment below and let us know. Happy ArtPrizing!

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This list & map is best used with the printable version below.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. START: Grand Rapids Public Museum (#1). Look on all sides of the museum, including the river-level sidewalk.
  2. Head to Holiday Inn (#2).
  3. Cross Pearl and go to Gerald R Ford Museum (#3).
  4. and Ah-Nab-Awen Park (stop #4).
  5. Cross the Gillette Bridge (#5) and visit Lyon Square at the far side (#6).
  6. Follow the Riverwalk north to DeVos Place *Caution- some exhibits here contain nudity/sex (#7). Art is located on two levels and in breezeway.
  7. Exit DeVos Place on Monroe and walk north to make a right on Michigan. Take Michigan east to Ottawa. Walk south on Ottawa to Calder Plaza & the Gerald R. Ford Federal Building (#8).
  8. Continue south on Ottawa to Fifth Third Bank (#9) and then to Homewood Suites (#10).
  9. Go south on Ottawa to Pearl, then head east to KCAD (#11).
  10. Back-track down Pearl and look west  for PNC Bank (#12).
  11.  Jog north on Monroe and enter the Amway Grand. Walk through the hotel and exit the Amway (on Pearl)  (#13).
  12. Go south on Campau Ave, turning west near Courtyard Marriott to access the Blue Bridge (#14).
  13. Head north and walk along the river to return to the GRPM. (#1).


1. Grand Rapids Public Museum | 272 Pearl St NW

  • Birdzels: 15-20 bird-like creatures made of clay. They are 6-7 feet tall. Vote Code: 63230
  • Homage to the Spillman Carousel: stained glass mosaic of carousel animals. Vote Code: 63066
  • Color Collaborative: Thousands of crayons stacked in the crevices of tree branches. Vote Code: 63914
  • Bolder & Boulder: Tall abstract sculptures using boulders and bent steel Vote Code: 63605
  • That’ll Cut It: Giant scissors. Vote Code 64507

2. Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown | 310 Pearl St NW

  • The Landing: Giant Owl made of metal. Touching is ok. Vote Code: 63352
  • Flower Power Elephant: Full-sized pink elephant. People participate  to create flower power design. Vote Code: 63738
  • Mason the Tortoise – Scrap metal art. Vote Code: 63912
  • The Frog Chair: 3D sculpture of a frog large enough for an adult to sit on the belly. Vote Code: 63982
  • Ancient Dignity: Copper scuplture of a bison – 66 inches tall. Vote Code 64568

3. Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum| 303 Pearl St NW

  • Oracle – tall glass panels that overlap in color and shape – related to water flow. Vote Code: 62583
  • The Fire Cycle – Interactive. Story about fire in the UP told with slide show and a 7x5ft yarn and felt mural, featuring a moose in a woodland scene. Also includes a fireless fire. Vote Code: 62599
  • Color Me Orange – Visitors invited to tie orange ribbons on mesh canvas to show that when kindness colors over hate, we can impact our culture with the message of love and healing. Vote Code: 62626
  • Foil Animals – Multiple large animal sculptures crafted from foil. Vote Code: 63280
  • Sand Sturgeon – gigantic 15 ft long sand painting of a fish on wood. Vote Code: 62739
  • Ideas and Things – Viewers look through a series of hanging acrylic sheets painted with patterns- view changes with how you are standing. Vote Code: 63077

4. Ah-Nab-Awen Park | 303 Pearl Street NW

5. Gillette Bridge

6. Lyon Square | 296 Lyon St NW

  • Gaze-bo(ught): Gem-shaped pink gazebo in a gazebo in a gazebo.  Vote Code: 64547

7.  DeVos Place Convention Center | 303 Monroe Avenue NW

* caution- graphic exhibits at this venue (nudity, sex)

  • Copper Ghosts – Series of 15 paintings about  struggle & love during Michigan’s copper mining boom. Vote Code: 62781
  • Kinetic Sculpture #882 –  a myriad of moving parts that come together to create a cohesive, energetic whole. Vote Code: 62884
  • The Butterfly Effect – 1,234 intricately hand-made bronze Monarch butterflies. Vote Code: 62931
  • Blocks of Time – Large, sculpted ceramic blocks mounted on a pole that the viewer can rotate. Vote Code: 62933
  • Retrospective Loops – Pressing a button on one of the 6 animation boxes activates a “lo-fi” movie. Vote Code: 64274
  • Portraits of Light and Shadow – pixel-portraits of iconic figures:  A viewer must distance himself to view the art. The image is only revealed in the shadows. Vote Code: 64495
  • Unmasking Brain Injury – 28  artists, all who live with the effects of brain injury, decorated the life-size masks that are incorporated in this piece. Vote Code: 63978
  • E(scape) New Faces – two large cast aluminum heads, Vote Code: 63734

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8. Calder Plaza & Gerald R Ford Federal Building | 300 Monroe NW

  • Louis – a pavilion-like steel structure that the viewer can enter. Vote Code: 64564
  • Three Dancers – kinetic sculpture that dances with the wind. Vote Code: 62847
  • Lady of the Lake – 6′ long aluminum sculpture of mermaid with kinetic part balancing on her finger. Vote Code: 64180
  • The Gathering – take a selfie on the bench made using bicentennial license plates. Vote Code: 63304
  • Streets to Stability – 200 uniquely painted, life-size human silhouettes representing Kent county youth homeless. Vote Code: 62896

9. Fifth Third Bank | 111 Lyon NW

  • Increasing Asquareness – 3D art created with Lego Bricks. 10’x7′. Vote Code: 62580
  • Beauti-full Michigan – two metal racks in the shape of the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. On the two racks [which will be painted black], I will be hanging close to 100 small & medium Michigan nature photos printed on aluminum. Vote Code: 62604
  • Birth of an Idea– a large radial mandala using quilled paper. Vote Code: 63188
  • Zot Artz Happening – magine walking into a glowing moment that transforms you with the magic of color, people of all ages and abilities walking and rolling through a big, bold, and beautiful floor mural painting.  The activities are totally inclusive, fun, and appropriate for everyone. Vote Code: 63453
  • The Communication of Time – A spider web of visible electronic circuitry will generate the electromagnetic impulse to propel the elements to communicate the passage of time.  Vote Code: 63522

10. Homewood Suites- Jam’n’Bean | 161 Ottawa NW

  • Strength in Numbers – series of three large scale, colorful, animal paintings. Vote Code: 62721
  • What the tune is that – Unique handmade instruments – ready to play. Vote Code: 62746
  • VICTORY – Gigantic 40′ tall soldiers made of chairs and chair parts. Vote Code: 62733
  • Sense of Vulnerability – huge, life-like painting of tigers Vote Code: 64290
  • Keyhole Torus – 8′ tall neon, electronic kinetic sculpture with 500+ music samples that are coordinated with 6 different animation sequences. Rotating platform. Mesmerizing dance party. Vote Code: 63871
  • Mirror of Heaven – Large floor painting installation, depicting a view of “Kitch-iti-kipi,” Michigan’s largest freshwater spring, as viewed from the open bottom raft. Vote Code: 63937

11The Fed Galleries @ KCAD, Kendall College of Art and Design | 17 Pearl St NW  * Opens at 11am most days.

  • The Magnetosphere – Objects,  robotics, electronics, & sound use electromagnetism and sonic resonance  create a  range of sounds. Vote Code: 64348
  • Binomial Nomenclature – Melted candles, crayons and more are used to create a many-hued array of wax garden gnomes. Vote Code: 63440
  • Yardage – People can bring in their used clothing- if it still has usefulness it will be donated to a local organization, otherwise it will be disassembled and the raw material, fabric, will be made  into a new bolt of fabric. Vote Code: 64208

12. Barnes & Thornburg – PNC Bank | 171 Monroe Avenue NW

  • Shiny Seed- Invasive Species –  It is a life size tree with a steel frame wrapped in aluminum wire. It stands 17’x12’x 17′. Vote Code: 63480

13. Amway Grand Hotel | 187 Monroe Ave. NW

  • Wounded Warrior Dogs – a traveling exhibition of wooden dog sculptures symbolic of the sacrifice and exhibit the same wounds as their human companions in battle. Vote Code: 62592
  • Unintentional Levitation – steel sculpture of person in mid bike crash. Vote Code: 63548
  • Imagine If: Gigantic Kinetic Sculpture. Vote Code: 64337

14. Grand River, By Blue Bridge

  • Light Ripples – An underwater LED sculpture – 12,228 points of light undulating in the river current while displaying images from nature, the cosmos, computer algorithms, and a live camera. Classical music and sounds from nature complete the experience. Vote Code: 64249

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Burger King | 410 Pearl St NW

  • Community Labyrinth Experience – Encouraging families to be creative, washable chalk, bubbles, and the teaching of making balloon animals are being offered periodically throughout ArtPrize. Vote Code: 62653
  • PEARLY TUSKS OF THE AGELESS – Giant elephant Vote Code: 63289
  • Sundial – 12’x20’ Vote Code: 63360

Swift Printing & Communications, Inc. | 404 Bridge Street NW

  • Ark de’ Swift – The bus serves as a portable studio that transforms into a gallery for artists, athletes, and musicians. Vote Code: 62982

Van Andel Arena | 130 West Fulton

  • LIFE – an 9′ x 20′ model of the double helix that makes up all of life’s DNA. Vote Code: 63336
  • Moments on Monroe – large 3-D mural showing Monroe Ave from 1949 Vote Code: 63710
  • Egg Prize – Egg Prize is a 10 ft tall plastic Easter egg dispenser that distributes small pieces of art. Vote Code: 62910




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