[note] Our Kids’ ArtPrize tour is brought to you by the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

In addition to being an ArtPrize venue, the GRCM has programs for GRCM guests during ArtPrize. Stop by the GRCM on September 19 after 5:00 pm and admission is only $1.50. During that time, GRCM will provide a drop-in family art project for you!

Finally, don’t miss the fourth annual Kids’ Art Fest  on September 29. Celebrate an artful afternoon with the GRCM from noon-5:00 pm. Explore art mediums ranging from painting to drawing to sculpture, and enjoy live performances at the entertainment stage during the free event on Sheldon Ave at Veteran’s Park!  Visit www.grcm.org for more information. [/note]

Kids’ ArtPrize Tour for 2013

Once again, we’ve sorted through loads of ArtPrize entries to find those we thought would appeal to kids and families. The tour is bigger this year; we included 37 ArtPrize venues compared with 21 on last year’s tour.

Here’s a sneak peak of just a couple of exhibits:

ArtPrize for Kids 2013 ArtPrize for Kids 2013 ArtPrize for Kids 2013 ArtPrize for Kids 2013

The tour starts at DeVos Place (NOTE- there are four nude statues at the entrance to DeVos Place) and ends at the Courtyard Marriott. Most families will want to plan to do this tour in chunks. And also note that ArtPrize gets really busy on evenings and weekends, so it’s best to find another time to push your stroller through the GRAM or other indoor venues. Baby carriers work great for ArtPrize!

Art Prize runs from September 18 through October 6. Monday through Thursday most venues, including the Hub, are open till at least 8 PM. Friday and Saturday many venues, including the Hub, are open till 10 PM and on Sunday till 6 PM.  If you have a specific venue you aim to see, please check their hours before going!

Here are a few suggested ways to use our Kids’ ArtPrize tour:

Kids ArtPrize Tour Interactive Map

How to use the Map:

  • Hover your cursor over any of the numbers on the map to see the location name. (Zoom in or out for easier reading.)
  • Find the corresponding number below the map for an explanation of art at each stop.

Kids’ ArtPrize Tour Exhibits by Venue

NOTE: there are four nude statues at the entrance to DeVos Place.

  • Sunrise: Artist creates a wood-burned image of a sunrise onsite at ArtPrize.
  • Yoga Bear: Panda bear doing yoga.


  • The exhibition:  Four-minute video animation.
  • STALA Landing: An innovative Michigan product showcased with videos, lasers, and music.
  • Colonization of Commonality: Large hexagons on the ground in a honeycomb pattern have sculptures in the center. Audio clips play in center of hexagons.
  • Me, My selves and I: Invites viewers to create a communal collage by placing personalized nametags on a 20’ long timeline.
  • Garden IllusionsThis display consists of 400 individual Sun Doodles, which are mechanical flowers that rotate and produce colorful visual effects using the sun.
  • Harrison Park Dream Collage: Large-scale montage of portraits on 3-D blocks created by local school children.
  • Family Unity:  Three 10’ wooden bears in a happy family.
  • Urban Transformations: Flint Public Art’s temporary installation helps people reimagine their city.
  • Rico’s Mosaic Bus: Artistically dressed food truck sells hoppers, crepes and coffee drinks, all while being an ArtPrize entry.
  • Whirlwind:  A jet flying out of a twister of junk at a 45 degree angle, reaching a height of 30 feet.
  • Grrr for Grand Raggidy!: Put your face in a cutout of a Grand Raggity Roller Girls body and snap a picture of your own.
  • Facing Al Aqaba: Life-size portraits of people from Palestine. Includes digital theater experience.
  • Flying Strong: Sculpture of a butterfly on a blade of grass made of hundreds of individually painted flowers put together as a mosaic. 5’x4’x7’.
  • Sky Song: Kinetic sculpture invites contemplation as the piece drifts through the sky.
  • Earth Giant: A 9’ earth giant created from found and natural materials from the forest.
  • KinderBells: Visitors can play the eight large, brightly colored bells.
  • Giant Quackers: 10’ tall mommy duck and her babies.
  • Conversation: 6’ tall set of dogs.
  • Flight of Owls: Many flying owls made of wire, paint and fish line.
  • Goomyland Mini Golf:  Interactive minigolf that you must navigate through misdirections. Sound and motion play a role here, too.
  • Blind Grace: A bronze dancer that is 80’ tall!
  • FullMoon Grand Rapids: Saturday, September 28 from 7:30 to 11:00 pm. Grab your luminaries and bring them to the south lawn of the GR Public Museum at 7:30 to start the processional through downtown GR. By 8:30 the processional returns to the museum for a celebration of music, dancing and more.
  • Poetry and Sculpture: A meditative poetry space is created with tree stumps, large tree branches, wind-chimes and a wooden path.
  • Whispering Poetry: Whispering tubes made by third grade students at William C. Abney.
  • Reframing Disabilities: A multimedia series of five frames will engage viewers in the various sensory, mobility, and communication experiences of individuals with disabilities.
  • Good Luck Fish: Giant metallic koi fish sculpture coming out of the Grand River.
  • Silkwaves in the Grand: Silkwaves planted in the river that blow in the breeze and dance.
  • Hydro-Anthem: Artwork the length of the Blue Bridge. Bright colors and playful, abstract forms flank the sides of the bridge, creating a “tunnel” of light, shadow, movement and color.
  • Puddles: Illustrations to go along with a story. The story is about a little bird that attends Blu Beak Elementary who cannot yet fly. She ends up getting bullied because of her delay. Story is meant to stimulate conversation about bullying and children with disabilities, as well as make people laugh.
  • Moonlight Sonata over the J-Dub: 65’ painting that hangs in the JW.
  • Moving Violation:  Live statue performer (police officer).
  • The Cosmo-Joe Show:  Watch as Cosmo Joe paints pictures of far-away landscapes with nothing but a few simple tools and cans of spray paint. Cosmo will be out every day of ArtPrize, performing live and painting pictures.
  • ARTSURPRISE: One to two artists will be onsite during all of ArtPrize creating a full-size VW bug made of artistic wire, glass beads and other glass objects.
  • Gon KiRin: Full-scale kinetic 3-D representation of a fire-breathing light dragon.
  • Glitter Ocean: 139,500 sequins were used to create this giant picture that looks like Nemo.
  • Steam Baby: Young Steam Punk-style dragon bursting forth from an all-metal egg/incubator. The dragon and egg feature moving parts created from castoff cogs, sprockets, etc.
  • Tired Pandas: 6’ tall sculpture (mom and baby) made of recycled tires.
  • Tee Time: 3-D art created from almost 30,000 golf tees.
  • Puppets at Pearl and Monroe: Stop by daily between noon and 8:00 pm to meet a crew of quirky characters. Visit often to meet the whole cast and see what each puppet has up their sleeve. Interact and have fun!
  • Tilley Face: 62’x62’ area contains simplistic representations of people’s faces.
  • Vortex: Artist used postage stamps to create 60”x60” picture.
  • The case of the unusually long ladder: Unusually long ladder suspended outside in mid air…simple, elegant, minimal.
  • Mina: Papier-mâché giraffe that is 13′-14’ tall.
  • Balance: Crazy looking bird that rocks back and forth and balances.
  • Piano Lid: A piano lid with an intricate mosaic on it.
  • Rainbow Gathering: 2500 hand-painted plastic figures individually adhered to a wall and arranged in an 8’ diameter circle.
  • Meridian: Interwoven geometric forms painted in a contemporary rendition of red, blue and yellow.  
  • Trash Mirror: Interactive 7’x7’ piece that changes as you get near to it.
  • Courtesy Hallway | Doors: Nine doors fill a 32’ long hallway. As you travel through the corridor of doors you have an opportunity to engage with others.
  • Campaign of Good Fortune: Giant fortune cookies.
  • Superhero Stories: This is a card game event starring ArtPrize attendees. Using oversized cards and dice, ordinary citizens of Grand Rapids will become superheroes, fighting dangerous villians and embarking on comic-book inspired adventures.
  • RazorWing: Small sculpture of science fiction fantasy superhero RazorWing. He is a shape-shifting insectasoid who vanquishes evil. The sculpture is made of clay, tinfoil, wire, paint and modgepodge.
  • The G-Rap Map: Unique map of Grand Rapids.
  • Sea Beasts: Three old wooden doors. Each door has different cartoon-like abstract sea monsters painted on it. Colorful, fun and family-friendly.
  • OrgoSyn2: Cylinders encased clay shapes. A vibrant LED light is triggered when you talk or move past them.
  • Kaleidoclock: Interactive video installation that allows the viewer to create mesmerizing visual patterns.
  • Lifetime: Photograph your own face in the face of this giant watch.
  • Sweet As Sugar the Way She Smiles: Giant colorful painting of a smiling face.
  • Traveling Plastic Factory: Bring your recyclable plastic waste to run through the plastic factory and watch a real-time transformation from trash to art.
  • Pop Can Collaborative:  Local church youth groups come together through LOVE INCE and collaborate with AMDG architects to create a sculpture out of pop cans.
  • 7,000 Leaves of Love: 7,000 ceramic leaves were created by people in the Forest Hills community. Ceramic birds were also created that are gift wrapped and placed in locations all over Kent County, with hopes that people find them and bring them to their venue. Their arrival will be celebrated and documented.
  • Kaleidoscope Beach:  Visitors look through a kaleidoscope at paintings of a beach to see things in a new way. Also includes video.
  • Entangled Sketchbook: Giant colorful woodcut art. 20’x30’.
  • Kick Up Your Heels: Glass collage showing a full moon with stars above. Underneath the sky are children and adults running and jumping and dancing.
  • Circle of Friends: Collage of students at New Branches School created with help from students at the school.
  • On the Journey: Hudsonville Christian students helped create this scene from passion week using old CD’s.
  • Walk a Mile in Her Boots: Boots decorated by female veterans along with portraits of the women who decorated the boots.
  • Angle of Repose:  [Performance] A nightly dance on a steeply sloped stage.
  • The Climb: Video projection of a climb that seems impossible.
  • The Last People: This exhibit uses light and other media to portray a natural history exhibit in the distant future where humanity has been replaced by intelligent machines. 50’x30’x12’.
  • GooTopia: Bright, fun piece about character values. City with 50 cartoon characters- search their personal profiles with QR codes. Includes a short video.
  • River of Light: Colorful, flowing prismatic light exhibit.
  • Egg Prize: 10’ tall art dispenser filled with over 30,000 hand created artworks and unique found art. Users will be able to see all the eggs in the machine and insert 50 cents to randomly obtain a treasure.
  • Recycling USA: 13’ tall replica of the USA is made from recycled shipping pallets and is 28’ wide.
  • Banana Split: Painting of a giant banana split and other tempting foods.
  • Feather Totems: 7’ tall paintings of multi-colored feathers.
  • Glider Pilot: A large scale replica of a toy glider pilot plane. 16’x12′.
  • Cascade:  Multiple iridescent and transparent glass discs suspended on fine wire cables hang from a curved steel armature.