Did Someone Say Black Friday??!

If you’ve been thinking about a trampoline, swingset or basketball hoop for your family, check out BLACK FRIDAY pricing from Backyard Fun Zone (deals like this hardly ever come around!)

If you’re tired of toys all over the house or presents that break after the first, second or twelfth use, consider getting some backyard fun for a gift this year. This is a great opportunity for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives to pitch in for a gift that the whole family can enjoy (yes, I jump on our trampoline as much as our kids do!) and that will last a lifetime.

You Can Lock In Black Friday Prices Now

Even though sale prices aren’t official ’til later in November, you can call Tracie and reserve your item today. They’ll take your info and then process your transaction later this month when Black Friday pricing kicks in.

Perhaps the best part of this setup? You can shop from the comfort of home – you don’t have to come into the store to make your purchase.

If you’d like your new trampoline installed before Christmas, ORDER SOON.

Order or ask questions by calling 616-785-7383 or emailing Tracie.

Springfree Trampolines – Safe & Built to Last

Springfree Trampolines – Arguably the best, safest trampolines out there (this is the brand we have.) They last forever and can withstand a Michigan winter like nobody’s business. (And yes, kids can and should jump on them all winter long!)

Watch this…

Springfree Trampoline Black Friday Specials

Springfree has 4 Different deals to best suit each family. Take your pick – would you like 3 free accessories? Free installation? Some sort of combo deal? Tracie will happily walk you through the options if you’re not sure. You can save up to $847 in accessories with these deals!

  • 3 FREE Accessories!

  • 2 FREE Accessories & $199 Installation

  • 1 FREE Accessory & $99 Installation

  • Don’t want any accessories? FREE Installation

  • *Tgoma offered while supplies last.

  • Hurry to purchase to book your installation for Christmas!

  • You can put your order in early and they will process it on the 15th!

Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Black Friday Specials

Goalrilla hoops are the bomb. People love their quality and that you can take them with you if you move!

For Black Friday, they are offering Deep Discounts – up to $799 Savings on the hoops (that’s with the free yard guard) – on the following Models:

  • DC72 $1999.99

  • CV72 $1449.99

  • CV60 $1199.99

  • CV54 $999.99

  • GS60 $899.98

  • *DC & CV Series come with a pole pad and backyard pad.
    Also FREE Yard Guard with the DC72,CV71,CV60 Purchase!

  • Because it’s November in Michigan, they can’t install inground hoops right now… but if you want to take advantage of this deal you can purchase and they will store it for you until the spring!

  • Put your order in early and they will process it on the 17th!

gorilla basketball hoops backyard fun zone
A Few Demo Playsets are Still Available

As of 11/6/18, they still had 4 demo playsets available. You can find more info on each of them here.

Demo playsets are discounted, but they are not able to publish prices. To order or ask questions, call 616-785-7383 or email Tracie.

  • 39A Carnival Clubhouse Pkg III Maxed Out Demo


    5’2″ Deck Height
    8.25′ Swing Beam
    10′ Wave Slide
    5×5 Deck Size
    6.5′ Headroom
    Rockwall*Monkey Bars*Picnic Table*2 Sling Swings*4-Chain Tire Swing*Rope & Disc*Chin up bar* Bubble Window*Steering*Telescope.

    This Demo was just put up a Month ago.
    You can still add on a Penthouse and 270′ Slide now or any time!
    Fun for the Whole Family.

  • A Fiesta Feature Clubhouse Pkg II with Wood Roof Demo


    20’L x16.5’W
    5′ Deck Height
    8′ Swing Beam Height
    10′ Wave Slide
    4.5’x5′ Deck Size
    6′ Headroom
    Rockwall*Picnic Table*2 Sling Swings *Rope & Disc.

    You can still add on Monkey Bars*Penthouse*270 Slide.
    If you move you can take it with you.
    Fun for the whole family!
    Contact us for more info (Sorry we can’t post pricing)

  • Rainbow Turbo Feature Castle Pkg II Green Demo


    25.5’L x 12.5’W
    5’6″ Deck Height
    8.75′ Swing Height
    10.5′ Scoop Slide
    5.2’x5.2′ Deck Size
    7′ Headroom
    Rockwall*Trapeze Bar*2 Sling Swings*Rope & Disc*3 Chain Tire Swing*Rope Ladder*Step/Chain Ladder*Ship’s Wheel*Binoculars.

    You can still add on Monkey Bars*Penthouse*Spiral Slide at any time!
    If you move you can take it with you.

  • 19B Sunshine Turbo Base Castle Pkg II DEMO


    5’4″ Deck Height
    8.5’Swing Beam Height
    10.5′ Wave Slide
    5’x5′ Deck Size
    6.5′ Headroom
    2 Sling Swings*Rope & Disc*Rope Ladder*Trapeze Bar*Rockwall*Step/Rung Ladder*3Chain Tire Swing.

    You can still add on Monkey Bars, Penthouse, 270 Spiral either now or in the future!