Building Blocks Therapy Grows Confidence in Kids with Speech Delays and Language Disorders

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Building Blocks Therapy Services Designs Speech and Language Plans Specific to Your Child

I knew very little about speech delays…until I realized my youngest child had one.

My son Camden was evaluated for a speech delay at age two. He was communicating through sounds only, no words. I knew he was behind but I was hoping he was just a late bloomer. We received the referral for weekly speech therapy, and I had no idea what to expect.

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According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, about 11% of preschool children have a speech, language, hearing, or swallowing disorder. Intervention is key to assure these won’t develop into a communication disorder as they enter school.

What to do if you Suspect Your Child has a Speech Delay or Language Disorder

The first step is to find a licensed speech therapist.

“Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a referral.” says Courtney Joesel of Building Blocks Therapy Services in Walker.

Courtney is a registered and licensed speech therapist. She sees toddlers up to adolescents, and can treat many different disorders, including autism, apraxia, and orofacial myofunctional therapy disorders.

Many insurances cover speech therapy, so it’s worth a call to determine your coverage, advises Courtney. At Building Blocks, the process typically looks like this:

  • Set up a phone consultation with Courtney at Building Blocks, at no charge.
  • Schedule an in-person evaluation.
  • If services are warranted, Courtney will develop a plan of care that targets her speech and language goals for your child, as well as your goals.

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The 2 Big Questions Parents Have About Building Blocks Therapy

No two children are the same, and what approach works for one kid may not work at all for another. It may take time to determine the best approach, so it is important to have your child evaluated as soon as you suspect a delay.

How is therapy tailored specifically to my child?

Courtney’s experiences led her to the philosophy that each child needs individualized and specialized care. She told me that she “aims to provide individualized care focusing on the whole child…not just their disorder.”

I have seen the success of this approach firsthand. Camden’s speech therapist developed a play-based approach specific for him. She followed his lead in play, and the words slowly came.

She taught our family techniques to encourage speech during everyday life. Building Blocks Therapy Services believes partnering with the family ensures success.

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Why is early intervention so important?

Speech delays and language disorders are scary for parents as well as children.

My son experiences anxiety on occasion due to his communication difficulties. Courtney compared this to being in another country where you don’t speak the language – not only are you in an unfamiliar place, but you also can’t communicate your needs.

The inability to communicate can also impact your child’s ability to make and keep friends.  

If you suspect your child has a language disorder, connect with Courtney at Building Blocks by phone, email, or Facebook. The summer is a perfect time to develop skills for the upcoming school year.

I’ll never forget the first time Camden said, “I love you.” There were truly no words for how grateful I was for speech therapy.

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