Camp Kamaji Summer Camp: Try New Things & Discover Who You Are

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Camp Kamaji in Cass Lake, MN

Camp Kamaji

32054 Wolf Lake Rd, Cass Lake, MN 56633

Camp Kamaji is a Northern Minnesota sleep away camp for girls, ages 7-15.

Join us for an unrivaled and unplugged 4 or 8 week session!

Camp Kamaji Summer Camp is part of the 2022 West Michigan Summer Camps Guide.

Camp Kamaji Details

Weeks Camp is Offered
- 2022

This Summer Camp At-A-Glance
AGES: Elementary, Middle School, High School Kids
TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight
CAMP CATEGORY: Adventure & Outdoor Skills, Art, Design & Making, Dance, Field Trips & Excursions, Music & Performing Arts, Sports Camps, Water Sports

What to Expect at Camp Kamaji for Girls

Kamaji is a safe, happy, fun-filled place for girls to come try new activities, be silly and goofy, develop a true sense of self, be deliriously happy and make really strong friendships with campers and staff alike.

Kamaji offers many activities like waterskiing, horseback riding, paddleboarding, archery, dance, windsurfing, sailing and more.

Celebrate Courage and Make Memories at Camp Kamaji

Kamaji won’t just be about the experiences you have climbing to the top of our climbing wall or portaging a canoe and sailing across the lake.

It will also be the people you meet and the memories you make, which will stay with you long after your camping days are over and become a part of who you are.

At Kamaji, courage is celebrated. We encourage girls to come to our camp without knowing anyone else here, that takes courage.

While here, campers are encouraged to try activities they have never done before.

We recognize them for their individual accomplishments and efforts.

If a camper wants to wear red cowboy boots every day around camp, she becomes a camp icon.

If a camper stands up on stage during the Variety Show to sing a solo and gets stage fright, the campers in the audience sing along to encourage her.

We recognize the courage and strength it takes to put yourself out there to go to a new place, stay true to who you are and to try something outside of your comfort zone.

Because of that, our camp community rallies around each other to celebrate each other’s courage to do those things in this safe, encouraging and fun environment.

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  1. My daughter spent her first summer at Camp Kamaji last summer. She could not have loved her experience more – she made so many wonderful friends from all I’ve the country and all different ages and backgrounds. She learned new skills (waterskiing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, etc). She spent a summer away from screens – developing courage, confidence, and a sense of silliness and fun. What a special and incredible place. As a Kamaji alumni myself I could not be happier that she loved this place as much as I did!!

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