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All About Carrie Anne Photography

Carrie Anne is an award winning photographer from Grand Rapids, MI who specializes in capturing playful family moments, the wonder of childhood and the emerging beauty of senior girls. Her style has been described as vibrant, colorful, styled, emotive and whimsical.

Carrie Anne photographs throughout West Michigan, and frequently travels to work with clients in New York City and other destinations.

Located In Grand Rapids

Phone: 616.240.1341

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Melissa Mazzella says…

Carrie Anne is a true master of her craft. She makes the job seem almost effortless, breezing through poses and changing backgrounds like she could do it with her eyes closed! When you are in her lens, she is 100% engaged, engrossed and dedicated to you, and as a result you’re left feeling like a star. To say the photos are flawless seems trite and understated. Her photos are magnificent and so well thought out, yet captured in such an easy-breezy fashion that she will no doubt amaze you as she did my daughter and I. Carrie Anne is bright and cheerful and positive and just plain nice to be around. Our photo shoot far exceeded any previous expectations that we had! It was a day my daughter and I will never forget!

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