[note]A huge THANK YOU to Cedar Point for the Best.Day.Ever! Park tickets, a special luncheon and entrance to Dinosaurs Alive! provided by Cedar Point as part of their summer Blogger event. All opinions are my own.[/note]
[pullquote_left]by Julie Balanda[/pullquote_left]

Make It a Point to Get the Most Out of This Summer

Summer is here!  And these are the beautiful, sunny days we could only dream of during last winter’s endless series of snow days and artic blasts here in west Michigan.

Yes, Michiganders, now is the time for some summer time family fun!

My family took a weekend trip to Cedar Point and it was a great way to kick of the season.  Did you know “The Best Amusement Park in the World” is just a four hour drive from Grand Rapids? This was our first family trip to Cedar Point. (Last time I went was during high school!)

Cedar Point offers an excellent variety of rides – a world record of 72 rides – along with loads of entertainment for all ages!

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There Is A Rollercoaster for Everyone

Of course most of us know that Cedar Point = Rollercoasters! We found a roller coaster for everyone in our family, which includes ages 5, 9,11,13,14 and umm, up!

We started with the Woodstock Express. Loved seeing the action photos of the kids after the ride.



Later, two of my kids rode the Gemini for their first BIG rollercoaster ride. This is a racing roller coaster with a wooden structure and steel track. After the first ride, they wanted to go again and again! So we did! No worries about lines here–the Gemini has two tracks and multiple cars, so there isn’t a long wait.


And no trip to Cedar Point is complete without a ride on the Iron Dragon! A suspended coaster that swings around curves through the woods and over the lagoon.

Oooh, look at these coasters: Raptor, GateKeeper and Wicked Twister.

cp4 collage

We didn’t ride any of these!

Perhaps, Too Big? or Too Small?


Or maybe others in our family were Too Scared to ride some of these rollercoasters…  As for me, why not save something for our next trip to Cedar Point?

Each rollercoaster and ride at Cedar Point has a sign posted at the entrance to indicate safety and height requirements to ride. This is so helpful to know before heading in to wait in any long lines.

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Several Play Areas for Your Younger Kids

Throughout the park you will find four children’s areas and two family/first aid stations.

Planet Snoopy is the newest children’s area offering seven “puppy-sized” rides for little kids.

Kiddy Kingdom is where kids can ride the colorful carrousel, 4×4 trucks, helicopters and so much more!


cp12 cp11

Camp Snoopy was my favorite area for young kids, where little kids can ride the Woodstock Express, the kiddie coaster.

Did I mention already how much I loved that we could find a coaster for every age?

We also enjoyed a live show featuring Snoopy and friends, where kids could join in to dance! Wilderness Run and Woodstock’s Airmail are two of the great rides found here. Also, from Camp Snoopy, we could also watch the super-exciting Top Thrill Dragster in action from stadium seats!


Gemini Midway Area is home to two new rides: Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles. Children rides and Family rides in this area have something fun for everyone!

My husband and teen daughter rode PIPE SCREAM, which is new this year. Spin and coast over 300 feet of track, up to 43 feet above the midway at speeds up to 43 mph!


The new Lake Erie Eagles is based on the classic carnival ride with the set of swings that raise up and then rotate in a circle during the ride. Riders use a control to move from side to side and also move the fin to change the angle of the swing.


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The Sky Ride glides 92 feet in the air over the Main Midway.


Everyone loved riding across the park on the Sky Glide and also aboard the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad. My kids had a BLAST taking the driver’s seat in the sporty Turnpike Cars and driving along a scenic turnpike track.





The Views from Many of the Rides are Thrilling

We rode the Giant Wheel a few times. This is one of the largest Ferris wheels in North America. Daytime views are spectacular. From the top of the wheel you can see everything in the park and along the beach. Nighttime lights on the Giant Wheel make it a stunning sight to see! Also, when you ride at night, you can see the vibrant lights from around the entire park.  So riding at least twice is a must!




The high thrill of the WINDSEEKER really caught me by surprise!  What do you think about swinging in a chair that rises 301 feet into the sky? With your feet dangling down beneath your chair, it feels as though you could fly off into Lake Erie!





Have a Jurrassic Park-like Experience, But Without Getting Eaten

Another family feature at Cedar Point is Dinosaurs Alive! This animatronic dinosaur-themed area of Cedar Point was built in 2012. We followed a trail leading us through the sights and sounds of Giants of the Jurassic. We saw more than 40 full sized moving dinosaurs, including a few that we could control.



We enjoyed reading about of the dinosaurs and took turns controlling some of the dinosaurs’ movements.


We also found some silly signs to read along the way!


Amazing to see what it would be like to stand next to a life-sized dinosaur! And hear them ROAR!




So what are you waiting for? How many places can you find that offer fun for every kid in your family? Fill up your gas tank, pile the kids in the car and get to the point!

  • Cedar Point is located at One Cedar Point Drive Sandusky, OH 44870. phone: (419) 627-2350
  • Check their website for a list of the best tips and tricks to make young families’ visits to the park as easy as possible.  Ticket prices vary, so check their website for online specials.
  • Dinosaurs Alive! requires an additional fee for entry.  Ticket pricing for Dinosaurs AliveCedar Point! depends on the number of tickets purchased. (Single ticket cost is $6, four or more cost $2.50 each.)