WIN a Private Movie Theater Rental at Celebration Cinema for up to 15 People!

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This giveaway brought to you by Celebration Cinema.

Get Back to the Movie Theatre With Just Your Friends

Renting a theater for a private movie experience has always seemed so fun. If you’re like me, you may have also thought it was too expensive. But Celebration Cinema made it affordable. And they are even giving away a FREE theater rental! Read on to find more and how to enter.

After eight very long months of this pandemic, we are all itching to have some sense of normalcy again. Have you missed going to the movies? Celebration Cinema has missed you, too!

“Dinner and a movie” is a classic date night – and it’s always been my favorite. In fact, when we were still dating, my husband and I used to go every weekend – sometimes twice.

The newest releases, the comfy chairs, the freshly popped, buttery popcorn… Ah, those were the days.

If you really want a movie theater experience again, but aren’t ready to sit in an auditorium with strangers, call Celebration Cinema.  For a limited time, you can bring your crew and enjoy an entire auditorium to yourselves.


Celebration Cinema Wants You to Feel Safe and Comfortable

Celebration Cinema always keeps families and comfort in mind. From sensory-friendly and Mommy & Me showtimes to Flick’s Family Film Festival, Celebration Cinema wants to make sure we feel comfortable at the theater.

For a limited time, bring your Quarantine Bubble to Celebration Cinema and spread out and experience new releases on the big screen, IN PRIVATE. Each movie-goer will get a ticket, pop, and popcorn.

Rent the theater for groups of up to 15 ($300 plus tax) or up to 25 ($500 plus tax). That’s just $21 per person AND no worries about other people!

If you have a larger group of more than 25, don’t worry. Contact Celebration Cinema for a custom quote.

Visit their FAQ page to read about new safety rules, requirements and restrictions.

Celebration Cinema Sensory Showtimes


WIN Your Own Private Screening for 15 People

Does this sound amazing and just what you need? Celebration Cinema is giving ONE lucky reader a private showtime for 15 people. Each of the 15 people will receive a ticket to a new release movie, pop and popcorn – all enjoyed in your own theater. This prize package is valued at $300.

There are THREE ways to get entries for a chance to win this prize. You must comment below on this article. Facebook comments do NOT count as entries.

1: For a first entry, leave a comment below telling us what you have missed most about the movies.

2. Get a second entry by “liking” Celebration Cinema on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling us you did so. (Note: Only comments on this article will be counted for this giveaway.)

3: Get a third entry by sharing this giveaway with friends, then comment here and tell us on which media platform you shared it.


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555 thoughts on “WIN a Private Movie Theater Rental at Celebration Cinema for up to 15 People!”

  1. Laurissa L Stawicki

    I miss date nights with my husband – it’s been a year since we went out without a child 🙁

  2. I miss the excited anticipation waiting for the movie to start when I down an entire large Diet Coke. And I actually love all the previews!

  3. I miss the whole excitement of waiting for a movie to come out and finally going to see it – usually meeting others – at the movie theatre. And then talking about if for days afterwards if it was a really good movie. It has always been a fun escape and we really need that, especially now. I do miss the popcorn too. Sigh.

  4. The one thing I have missed about going to the movie theater is seeing my kids reaction to the big screen. It makes me feel like a kid again!

  5. I miss the experience of going to the movies with my kids. The excitement and wonder in the eyes of a child seeing a story told for the first time is amazing.

  6. I miss the experience and excitement of visiting the theater with my kids. We all love it, but seeing the wonder in their eyes when they watch the movie for the first time is amazing.

  7. We miss so many things, but mostly the experience of sitting in a room with a group of people and hearing the reactions (laughter, sniffles, “oooh” and “ahhhh”) from the crowd. The seats are comfy, the popcorn is the best in town. We miss you Celebration!

  8. We’ve missed the popcorn so much! My son and I loved to use it as a just us date to spend time together.

  9. I miss the excitement and anticipation of the theater experience. You get the smells of popcorn and other snacks and share your experience with other people. You go on adventures with family and friends into new worlds playing out on screen. The movie theater isn’t a place, but a destination to visit other realms of adventure. I can’t wait to return!

  10. Ugh, I miss EVERYTHING. I tend to “multi-task” when watching a movie on TV but being in a theater is the full immersive experience. Eager to go back!

    1. A night watching a movie eating butter popcorn and laughing with friend’s would be priceless! Thank you for doing this! The little things matter the most with everything that is going on in the world!

  11. Just the whole fun of it all! Going out for dinner, planning the evening and relaxing with a friend for a big screen movie!!

  12. I miss getting out and enjoying the popcorn during the show! Our kids had just started to enjoy going to the movies before the shut down. I’m ready to see their excitement for the big screen again!

  13. I miss making a night out of it to watch a fun movie, just getting away to watch something on the big screen. Love watching a movie and hearing others laugh around me.

  14. I miss leaving the house to watch a movie, it makes it more if an experience for our family! Oh and eating snacks at the theater seem so much better than at home 😃😃

  15. I just miss having a fun day at the movies with my mom and my son and spoiling ourselves with treats! Also my s/o and I have not ever been to a movie together yet!

  16. Miss the way the big screen and the sound in a movie theater seems to immerse me into the story. You don’t get that feeling from a television screen.

  17. I miss everything about the movies! I would love to win this for my daughter and her friends. Her 18th birthday is coming up next month and this would be perfect!!
    Liked on Facebook!

  18. I miss being able to give the kids that special “night out” experience, and of course the popcorn!

  19. The big screen, the loud sound, the popcorn, and talking about the movie afterwards as a family!

  20. I’ve really missed going to the movies. I love seeing movies on the big screen sitting right up front in the middle of the 2nd row.

  21. There’s an art to every date night. …
    The magical soda machine. … so good!
    Tons of great snacks and foods…..
    Absurdly large containers of buttery popcorn.
    Debating the coming attractions. …
    The drama of opening credits. …
    The anonymous sniffles. …
    Hearing everything in surround sound. …
    Snagging the perfect seats!!!! What a blast
    This rush an fun of IMAX theaters an seating!
    Sticking it out to the bitter sweet ending!!!!!
    Whispering about post-movie plans!!!
    The collective spontaneous reactions.
    Cannot wait to get back in there!

  22. Miss the special mommy/daughter movie night/day. I had just started a tradition with my daughter and you just can’t replicate the movie theatre at home.

  23. I had just started a tradition of going to the movies with my daughter, so I miss that special mommy/daughter time. It just isn’t the same experience at home as it is to go to the movies.

  24. I miss the smell of movie theater popcorn and adventure of the big screen with the family. Also miss the surround sound system. Nothing better than sound all around you.

  25. What I miss the most about going to the movie theater is getting out of the house and doing something fun that our whole family can enjoy!

  26. I miss the roar of laughter from a funny skit, the thunder of screams during a horror scene and knowing I’m not the only one with tears running down my face during those moments that give you the feels.

  27. I miss taking my Grandkids to the movies! I love Celebrations Cinema North, I’ve been a C Rewards Member for a long time and I like your Facebook page , follow you on Twitter and Instagram! Shared on Facebook

  28. I miss the totally chill night out with my husband where we catch a funny flick or something drama filled!

  29. I miss taking my Grandkids to the movies! I love Celebrations Cinema North, I’ve been a C Rewards Member for a long time and I like your Facebook page , follow you on Twitter and Instagram!

  30. I really miss the time to relax in one of these recliner chairs, time to discover a movie on a big screen not on my iPad as we don’t have tv at home, time to enjoy a family movie with popcorn without having to prepare anything…time to take a break from our crazy life!

    1. Michael-Jay Williams