Why Didn’t I Seek Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids Sooner?

This past spring I was in a double car accident – rear-ended and pushed crashing into the car in front of me. Initially, I had no major injuries except for a seat belt burn.

Skip ahead to fall. I’ve had massive pain in my shoulders and jaw for months, and have been going from resource to resource trying to pinpoint the problem, but with no results.

It just occurred to me that physical therapy is the answer

As I started writing this article about the Center for Physical Rehab (CPR) it occurred to me that THEY are the ones that can help me! I am confident that they will get the results I’ve been searching for. I’m only sorry that I didn’t figure this out months ago. Grand Rapids physical therapy, here I come!

Grand Rapids physical therapy

PT: The First Stop Most Moms and Dads Forget on the Journey to Feel Better

Physical Therapy is a great FIRST Resource in regards to movement and sports, a FIRST line of defense when it comes to our parents getting older, a new mom’s FIRST place to START after having a baby to prevent back issues or treat Diastasis Recti. (Yes, awesome mommas, they treat this! Brian Gilbert at CPR confirmed that moms with toddlers, it may not be too late for us either!)

Take a tour of their primary location and hear from Brian himself here:

You don't need to be in pain or have a prescription to access PT. Maybe your range of motion is less than it used to be, your toddler is a toe-walker, or you have a young athlete looking to perform better – a lot has changed in the PT field over the last few years. Today I had a chance to talk to Brian about what The Center for Physical Rehabilitation offers for babies, preschoolers, kids, moms, middle school and high school athletes and more. Questions? Just type them below or call 616-954- 0950 x 3 to get in touch with their New Patient Scheduler… they offer no-obligation consultations and work with many insurance companies.

Posted by Grand Rapids Kids on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Is PT Right for You? FREE CONSULTATION and Your Next Step

As a new mom 5 years ago it seemed everything my son did was perfect. For a time I blamed myself for not knowing the signs of Torticollis (an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position). My new mommy eyes had no idea what to look for.

At one of our son’s appointments, my husband asked the pediatrician if our son’s head should be tilting so much to the side. Our pediatrician dug deeper and we learned that little Zaire could be helped with PT!

We were fortunate to have a physician that immediately refers to PT, as not all doctors do. If your doctor doesn’t refer to PT, Center for Physical Rehab will save the day with their FREE Consultation. During this FREE appointment they will help you determine if they participate with your insurance plan and any other information needed to get you on your path of wellness.

If you aren’t sure if PT is the best for your needs, call CPR and talk to one of their extremely friendly and helpful staff whose goal is to point you in the right direction. Most people will be seen within 24-48 hours. You’ll be on your way to knowing your next step in no time.

You’ll Love CPR so Much You Won’t Want to Leave

Physical Therapy fast became something we looked forward to each week, and when our son graduated it was bittersweet.

As the Center for Physical Rehab puts it, “sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name!” The “Cheers” friendliness of CPR, matched with their extensive knowledge, provides you with the opportunity and environment to heal. They are a wonderful homebase for someone looking for Grand Rapids physical therapy!

You may just end up feeling like we did: having a hard time saying goodbye. However, it doesn’t need to be goodbye. You don’t need to be in pain or have a doctor referral to access PT!

physical therapy - CPR

You Don’t Need to be in Pain or Have a Dr. Referral to Access PT

The Center for Physical Rehab wants to change the way we think about Physical Therapy. Because of what is now referred to as Direct Access in PT, anyone can get an appointment without restriction.

More reasons to make an appointment:

  2. Personal training (ACADEMY FOR SPORTS AND WELLNESS)
  3. Range of motion is less than it used to be (Lunch Crunch Class & Back on Track Class)
  4. Knowing proper mechanics for elder years (Alternative route to surgery etc.)
  5. Women’s Health (Stay Tuned for Next Month’s FB Live!)

Are You Ready for Results?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty – It takes both the patient and the physical trainer working together to achieve the goal. Call CPR today! Their relationships with surgeons and physicians, coupled with their care for their patients, will get you on the right path for your body to heal or perform at its best.

Q&A on Accessing PT Care from Center for Physical Rehab

If you’re like me you’re hoping for more details. (If you’re not like me then you’ve probably already called CPR.) For those extra credit folks, here are some Q&A with Brian at CPR to help answer insurance questions and more!

1. In general, what is PT and who is it for?

PT stands for physical therapy. It is intended for anyone who moves. PT is the treatment of movement. If you aren’t moving well or are having pain with moving then PT would be a perfect option for you. There are many realms within PT that we focus on. There are PT’s who specialize in different aspects such as spinal, knee, foot/ankle, shoulder, etc. The APTA, our national association, titles it our Move Forward campaign. We are bringing motion to life! So, basically PT is for everyone and anyone who wants to move better or without pain.

2. If I’m in pain, how do I get to a physical therapist? What is the historical way and what is the current way?

Historically, PT was an ancillary service that over the last 100 years has developed into its own profession. It has its own unique body of knowledge that is unique to PT. Because of the history, PT was always accessed by way of a referral from a physician.

Over the years we have grown as a profession and want people to have access to our services. The same way you would if going to get a massage or to see a chiropractor, you shouldn’t and don’t have to jump through hoops to see a PT. That is the state law, but your insurance may still require a referral.

What is now referred to as Direct Access in PT, anyone can schedule an appointment without restriction. Please call our office to see if/how we can help get you started because the longer you wait and deal with pain the longer it will take and more money spent to help you get better.

3. What is direct access? I’ve heard this term, but don’t understand it.

Direct access is the term used to designate a patient’s ability and right to seek out and see a physical therapist first for any musculoskeletal pain. You do NOT have to see your primary physician to get permission to see a PT.

4. Will my insurance cover me seeing you without a referral?

Not all insurances will cover this. Here in West Michigan Priority Health covers Direct Access, but all other insurances require a referral from a physician for insurance to cover. We don’t want that to be the reason you don’t seek us out though so that is why we offer the complimentary consultations.

5. Any restrictions with Direct Access?

Yes, 10 visits or 21 days. If visits should need to go longer we would at that point work with the physician to start the process of the appropriate referral and plan.

6. Why doesn’t my doctor direct me to PT?

Because of the history of PT as an ancillary service it doesn’t always come to the minds of all physicians. This is why we are a huge advocate for direct access. You should be able to seek out the care you want based on what you are feeling.

We want to educate the community to know who to seek out and for what types of things. There is more and more research coming out to show that seeking out PT before any other interventions is saving the health care system money. This is doing so because the body has the ability to heal and if given the chance to do so we can avoid many more expensive treatments. This also keeps health care dollars down because the sooner someone comes to see a PT the sooner people feel better.

There is a definite correlation to dealing with pain for longer times taking more time and money to correct.

7. Do I need X-ray or MRI before seeing a PT?

No, we use movement as a diagnostic. If there is a concern of something more serious going on we work with your physician to get you in for these tests if something doesn’t seem right. As for helping a person get their pain under control, these tests [x-ray or MRI] really don’t offer anything to how we diagnose and treat.

8. What is CPR’s philosophy on patient care?

Our philosophy is very much based on the patient being a large part of the care. We use movement as a diagnosis and then use manual therapy, exercise, and patient education as foundations of our treatment approach. Every patient that sees us for something is looked at as an individual situation and the approach is adjusted to meet their individual needs.

9. What should someone expect when coming to your office?

Personalized care starting from the moment you walk through our doors. Each visit you will work with one of our PT’s. Each office is similar in that it is an open, upbeat environment that is welcoming, and fun while giving you the attention to get better and see change at each visit.

10. How do I schedule my first appointment?

Please call our central scheduling phone number at 616-954-0950 x 3 to get in touch with our New Patient Scheduler. Just let them know you are interested in becoming a patient. Scheduling a New Patient visit would run through insurance and allow us to treat you. Also, ask about our complimentary consultations that take about 15 minutes of discussion and recommendations from one of our many awesome PT’s.

CPR is excited to have the chance to help you MOVE FORWARD!

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