Getting a Divorce? Protect Family Relationships With the Help of Collaborative Divorce Professionals

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Your Ex Doesn’t Have to be a Lifelong Enemy

When you decide to split with your spouse, you both know that your family will never be the same again. But you also wonder how to maintain an amicable and possibly even good family life.

This is where Collaborative Divorce Professionals of West Michigan can be a guide, helping you to keep family relationships healthy even in difficult times.

These Professionals Understand the Impact of Divorce on a Family

Divorce doesn’t just impact the two people who are separating. It influences their extended family and friends, too.

“It has been said that divorce is not about the division of property, it is about the division of lives.” says Craig DeWitt, Divorce Coach and Mental Health Professional with Collaborative Divorce Professionals in Grand Rapids. 

Craig points out that there was a time when these two people loved each other deeply and began building a life together, so when they decide to divorce, it’s complicated to just separate.

This is why Collaborative Divorce Professionals focuses on each part of the family. 


Collaborative Divorce Professionals Works For Solutions Where Everyone Is Heard And Everyone Wins

Focusing on the family is why an essential part of the Collaborative Divorce team is the Divorce Coach. The Divorce Coach works closely with each member of the family to hear each person’s concerns. But they also encourage the family to communicate in a healthy way.  

“I would ask that [the couple] find the most respectful and peaceful way to end their relationship,” advises Craig.

“If at all possible, do everything to find a process that is respectful and refrain at all costs from waging war in the courtroom. In those situations, it seems like everyone becomes a loser.”

When everyone feels heard and shows respect, everyone can feel like they accomplished something. The Collaborative Team works together – Attorneys, Financial Specialists, Divorce Coaches and all – to make sure everyone wins and no one is the loser.


Collaborative Divorce is Focused on Everyone’s Emotional Health

The Collaborative Divorce Team isn’t just focused on money or assets. They know that the real cost of divorce is the emotional consequences.

“Not everyone is ready for [the divorce]. They need time to process what is occurring and to deal with their grief. This is especially true for children,” says Craig. 

“They have no control of this situation, but somehow have to make changes that are often inconvenient and disruptive to their lives.” 

That’s why Collaborative Divorce is based on an entirely different set of ideas. They even have tips for how to break the news to your kids

“The collaborative process is based on the belief that families can get through divorce in a more emotionally healthy way,” continues Craig.  

“Divorce is an intensely emotional time and it is important to help the couple find better and more appropriate ways to communicate.”

There Can Be A Better Way To Divorce

If you are looking for a gentler way to divorce, where you can feel heard and confident that your family is in good hands, check out Collaborative Divorce Professionals at or call 616-233-9160.


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