Therapy & Fun: Engaging Summer Programming for Kids With Developmental Disabilities

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Comprehensive Therapy Center’s “Therapy & Fun” Program in Grand Rapids, MI

Therapy & Fun Summer Program

2505 Ardmore St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Therapy & Fun is a 7 week therapeutic program for children 3-14 with a range of disabilities.

Therapy & Fun Summer Program is part of the 2022 West Michigan Summer Camps Guide.

Therapy & Fun Summer Program Details

Weeks Offered
- 2022

This Summer Program At-A-Glance
AGES: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School Kids

What to Expect at Therapy & Fun

Therapy & Fun is a 7 week ½ day program for children ages 3-14 with developmental disabilities.

Children attend three times a week and participate in activities facilitated by our expert team of therapists (speech, occupational, and dance-movement) and peer volunteers.

Activities include games, crafts, music, and more.

Over the summer, clients are able to improve their speech, motor and social skills so they can be more prepared for the school year ahead!

Choose From 2 Summer Program Options At Comprehensive Therapy Center

This year, we are launching a new sister program for children 8-14 who are ready to build on the skills they learned in Therapy & Fun.

This new program, called Therapy & Life Skills, will run parallel to Therapy & Fun.

Therapy & Life Skills is designed to encourage independence for clients who are ready to further social skills, executive functioning skills, time management and other basic life skills.

Comprehensive Therapy Center takes a holistic approach to therapy, understanding that every client is going to have different needs, strengths and goals.

Our therapists meet with each client independently to set goals for the summer.

Specific goals can include improving handwriting to write their name, speaking more complex sentences to improve communication skills or finding new strategies to regulate their emotions.

Curriculum and activities are created based on these goals, with a focus on being fun and engaging.

Registration for Therapy & Fun and Therapy & Life Skills opened up in February.

You can enroll by calling our office at 616-559-1054 or by filling out an interest form on our website,

We encourage people to sign up soon as spots fill up quickly.

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