Coopersville & Marne Railway Offers Field Trips For Kids

Picture your group taking a vintage train ride through the agricultural lands of eastern Ottawa County. As West Michigan’s only tourist railroad the Coopersville & Marne Railway can offer a 90 minute field trip excursion.


As West Michigan’s only tourist railroad, the Coopersville & Marne Railway can offer a 90 minute field trip excursion. You will board the train at our station in historic downtown Coopersville, and set off on a leisurely trip back to a simpler time of transportation.

Our train is led by a 1952 diesel locomotive, and consists of cars ranging in age from 85 to 100 years. Along the way you will pass through family-owned farms and fields where your group will see livestock and crops in abundance. Wildlife such as fox, deer, wild turkeys, hawks and eagles may also be seen along the way. Our friendly, uniformed Conductor will punch your tickets, describe points of interest, and provide historical facts pertaining to the train.

The train crosses an open deck girder bridge, four creeks and one road bridge before arriving at our train yards in the Village of Marne. Once there the locomotive uncouples from the train, runs along a passing siding next to your coach, and couples onto the west end of the train for the return trip to Coopersville.


The train can be chartered by groups of 30 or more on any day; subject to previously scheduled maintenance operations as well as the availability of crew members. In addition to your group’s train ride, optional food offerings can be arranged. These include pizza parties or hobo bindle lunches served in our dining car; or lunch reservations at a local restaurant.

If you would like to add an educational component to the trip we can provide that also. Several of our volunteers also assist with Operation Lifesaver and can talk to your group about railroad safety. By combining our vintage train ride with lunch and a railroad safety discussion the Coopersville & Marne Railway can provide a field trip experience that will be long remembered by your group.


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Address: 311 E. Danforth Street, Coopersville, MI 49404