Hello! We’re glad you are taking the time to learn more about creating images for your GRKIDS publications. We ask that all images on GRKIDS.COM be in  JPG format and correctly sized. PDF files are not accepted.

Images that are not sized or formatted properly cannot be included in publication. Images that meet specs will be inserted into publication as soon as they are received.

Options for Image Creation:

  1. Hire a graphic designer. Provide your specs (image size and file type.) Know that images are scaled up or down, depending on a user’s device (e.g. someone looking at your ad on an iPhone will have a hard time reading small font that may look okay on a laptop.)
  2. Outsource on Fiverr. This website has many people willing to create your ads, but quality is hit or miss, and the extra services can add up. It can take a few tries and around $30 to get an image you like. You’ll want to choose your designer carefully, look at examples, turnaround time, and user reviews before selecting a designer. Here’s a video explaining how to use Fiverr
  3. Use Canva. This free design tool has a drag and drop interface, tutorials, fonts, and more. You need to create an account to work with Canva. Input the custom dimensions for your image, upload your logo or other images and get to work designing. When downloading your image, choose JPG format. Watch the quick beginner tutorials at Canva to get started.

High quality images will benefit the impact of your marketing campaign and provide an enhanced experience for our readership.

If you have any further questions about your ad, please contact our Ad Manager at [email protected]