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Critter Barn Offers Field Trips For Kids

Milk a goat, hug a calf, hold a chick! Delight your students with a visit to a real farm, filled with interactive “hands-on” learning experiences that will help them GROW!

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Children are greeted with a warm hello and given the opportunity to engage in activities with the animals at our farm.  Some farm presentations are geared for groups of 50 to 100, while most of our activities are for smaller groups of children, which guarantees plenty of hands-on fun for every child. 

Our Field trip is unique because interacting and learning with live animals in a farm setting is unique.  Most children, even most adults, do not have the opportunity for this experience.  Our society has changed, farms tend to be closed to the public, and small backyard farms are private. The atmosphere at a farm is relaxing and inspiring, offers a change of pace from the routines of life for most people, and it is therapeutic for so many.

Laura loved going on this field trip with her son’s class. Take a look!


Whole group activities include:

  • bottle feeding goat kids (seasonal)
  • feeding and petting calves
  • potbellied pig tricks
  • learning about donkeys
  • meeting cows
  • milking goats

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Small group activities include:

  • holding Banty chickens
  • visiting the duck pond
  • bunny and chick room
  • Kitty Corral
  • chicken coops – old and new
  • going in pens of sheep and goats
  • and a turn on the Bag Swing!

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The State of Michigan Benchmarks in Life Sciences and Social Studies are core to our curriculum. Students will experience firsthand the animals’ characteristics and behaviors, nutrition and shelter needs, plus learn how hooves or scales, beaks or lips, fur or feathers impact how animals live. Students will learn about housing and care, about mammals and egg-layers, and observe the differences and similarities between adults and their young.

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There are spaces in our barn for eating lunch or a snack, and picnic tables by the front pasture when the weather is good.  We keep our portable restrooms clean and have a huge sink with warm running water, soap and paper towels to keep hands clean and kids healthy.

At our present location, Critter Barn hosts groups of any size, up to 100 children.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Parking is a challenge, so car-pooling is encouraged.  Critter Barn shares information with teachers and group leaders prior to your visit to guarantee a great day at the farm.

Our farm is voluntarily licensed by the USDA, since 1998, and MAEAP Verified for the last 6+ years. We work with several Veterinarian Clinics. Critter Barn is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that began in 1990.


Please call our office at or email the Critter Barn to book your field trip. We will send you a registration form and answer your questions, check the availability for your date and help you understand what’s required, especially if it’s your first booking.  We are here to assist you.

See our website or Facebook for more information.

Address: 9275 Adams Street, Zeeland, MI 49464

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