Dads, Learn to Style Your Little Girls’ Hair Like a Pro at the 6th Annual Big Braid

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Dad, are you a Cool Guy?

My 3 year old daughter has an incredible bond with her father. In fact, she recently woke up singing, “Daddy is a cool guy, Daddy is a cool guy.”

Now, I doubt he coached her into singing this song. She genuinely thinks he’s a cool guy.  However, what’s not cool is the way he feathers her hair straight back to 1979. He’s an engineer, yet the mystery of doing her hair will go unsolved unless he attends the Big Braid 6.

Hosted by Daddy Daughter Time, this highly-anticipated annual event is coming on June 10. Dad will learn the basics of ponytails, pigtails and braids! You will have to pre-register for this event.

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Daddy Daughter Time is a Game Changer for Involved Dads Around Grand Rapids

Daddy Daughter Time, a Grand Rapids-based non-profit, is dedicated to deepening the relationship between fathers and daughters.

“I like to think the D in my DNA stands for Dad,” says founder Todd Chance. “But finding a healthy work/life balance that allows me to be truly present when at home with my family and fully focused while I’m at work can be a challenge.”

“That’s why Daddy Daughter Time is incredibly important to me,” continues Todd. “As a father of two young girls, it has allowed me to make sure I have time set aside just for us to grow closer and create memories. And, as the organization’s founder, it has also given me the opportunity to help other fathers do the same.”

With this organization’s help, you spend less time searching for a new event, activity, or parenting advice and more time enjoying your daughter. It has all been arranged in a fun afternoon gathering.

Daddy Daughter Time hosts a variety of monthly bonding events such as; horseback riding, live theater, rollerskating, visiting an orchard, just to list a few. Currently, Daddy Daughter Time creates monthly events, subscriptions, and initiates programs to promote their mission statement.

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Dadvice Addresses Big Questions Like Don’t Put Her Hair in a Baseball Cap to Avoid a Ponytail!

In all seriousness, it’s time to “DADUP” (Dependability Approachability Devotion Understanding Patience) and get some DADVICE. At each event, father’s are given new information in the form of what they’ve cleverly named, “dadvice” given on a handy DADUP card. This program is designed to target each DADUP trait.

The New Age Dad

Forming and maintaining this special bond is crucial to your daughter’s future. It is especially important towards building relationships and maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle and outlook.  

The organization is working towards a greater mission of helping fathers and society understand the importance of this relationship.

“Together, we hope to change the stubborn stigma of the bumbling father whose only role is provider or disciplinarian and replace it with capable and intentional fathers looking to parent with purpose,” says Todd.

If there’s one takeaway I’ve gained from speaking with Todd, and my personal experience with my husband, it’s that the 2018 Dad IS ALL IN!

The modern Dad is committed, hands on, and ready to shape his little girl into a happy and healthy woman.

Dads could use our support. Donations are always welcome and every little bit helps.

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This Year, Give the Gift of an Experience to Dad

This year, why not give the gift of an experience rather than a tangible item?

A membership (incredible deal of around $8 per month) or single event is an ideal gift idea for Father’s day, birthday, or for simply bonding anytime of the year.

The work Daddy Daughter Time does is intentional. By that I mean, it has a purpose. It’s main purpose is to help our daughter’s future the most. They do the research. They do the planning. All Dad has to do is show up and have fun!

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