Curbside Groceries are Big Right Now. And Fast Lane Lets You do Cool Things like Shop by Aisle

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Fast Lane’s Curbside Pickup is THE Way to Grocery Shop in 2020

Grocery shopping is different these days. 

At the beginning of March, going to the store for our family looked like: 

  • One shopping trip every 5-6 days, completed while the kids were at school. 
  • Popping in several times throughout the week for that one item I forgot or for a necessity we ran out of (bread, milk…ice cream). 

Now grocery shopping looks like:

  • One shopping trip every 7-10 days, coordinated around my husband’s work schedule so the kids can stay home while I shop.
  • Creative meal planning. Not everything that I’m used to eating is in stock.
  • ‘Making my list, checking it twice’ to eliminate extra trips to the store.
  • Wearing a face mask.
  • Sometimes waiting in line outside to get in the store because of capacity limitations.
  • Practicing Social Distancing while shopping.

The whole process takes planning, time, and creativity. And that’s why now, more than ever, choosing to have someone else do my grocery shopping for me is so appealing.

Between helping kids with online schooling, keeping track of zoom calls, working from home, making three meals a day for a family of six…my time and energy are needed elsewhere.

And you’re probably in the same boat! So what better time to jump in on SpartanNash’s Fast Lane program than now?


6 Steps to be a Wiz at Shopping Fast Lane’s Curbside Groceries


1 – Sign up!

Right now, an annual membership is only $29. Your membership includes perks like no upcharges on your groceries and no minimum order size.

Try it out with the first three orders picked for free ($4.95 value — enter promo code “FASTLANE” at checkout).

2 – Login & Choose a Time Slot.

Do this on your computer or your phone, choose the store location you’d like to pick up from, or enter your zip code for delivery (available at some SpartanNash stores for a $9.95 fee), and choose a time slot. 

Pro-Tip: Due to high demand, sometimes slots are booked. Check another store near you — you can often snag an earlier time slot if you can be flexible with your pick up location.

3 – Shop by Aisle, Previous Purchases or the Weekly Ad.

It’s time to shop — from your sofa, a spot outside while you’re watching the kids play, wherever! Choose items to add to your cart. Shop by aisle, your previous purchases, the weekly ad, and more. 

Do it all at once or add your items over time. Keep in mind that sale items do change every week — make sure to place your order before the sale period ends to get the discounted price.

As you shop, feel free to include notes to your shopper (i.e. How do you like your deli meat sliced? How ripe do you want your bananas?).

4 – Score Your Deals

Save money by clipping their digital coupons, checking out the ‘Products on Sale’, and using your YES rewards card.

Pro-Tip: If you’re already a YES rewards member, your current YES card can be linked to Fast Lane. 

5 – Click the ‘Checkout’ Button, sit Back, and Relax.

Your shopping order is in the hands of a specially trained shopper that will choose the best of the best for your family. An added perk? Many times, you’ll get the same Fast Lane store associate, so they get to know what you like!

6 – Pick up Your Items Without Lifting a Finger!

Fast Lane will send you a text when your order is ready. When you get to the store, pull in the handy designated Fast Lane parking spot, and reply to the text to let them know you’ve arrived. In no time, your shopper will be out loading your trunk with your order and you can be on your way.

Fast Lane Bag Groceries

BONUS: When you’ve nailed those six steps, level up your Fast Lane Shopping game and take a peek at their online recipes. Search by primary ingredient, cooking method, and cuisine to find all sorts of tasty options. And the best part? You can drop the ingredients from the recipe directly into your Fast Lane shopping cart — brilliant!

Are you ready to save your time and energy for other things? Put these tips to the test and you’ll be a SpartanNash Fast Lane Grocery Shopping Wizard in no time!

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  1. Am I supposed to tip if I am picking up the groceries or is that only for delivery? I don’t want to do this wrong.

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