How to Get the Most from Grand Rapids Kids – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & More

Get More out of GRKIDS

9 Places to Find Grand Rapids Kids

More Than a Facebook Page…

Did you know that we are more than just a website? Or a Facebook page?

GRKIDS is everywhere and we want to make sure you know the many ways you can connect with us. Everything we learn about our great city, every resource we can find for you, we are talking about.

We are here to help parents. Choose your favorite social media platform, and we are there, helping guide you through the wonderful world of parenting in West Michigan.

Check out all the different ways we keep our finger on the pulse of West Michigan and ….

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Where to Find Grand Rapids Kids

1 – Right here!

Our website,, is the nexus of all things Grand Rapids Kids. Our event calendar is packed with daily activities around town, we’ve got guides for just about anything–sports for kids, arts, childcare, and special needs resources, and on and on. We have over 1,000 posts on Grand Rapids-centric family information cultivated just for you.

2 -The GRKIDS Facebook page

So funny thing – many people think that we are just one big Facebook presence. Several of our staff have heard people say, “Wait, you have a website??” The surprise is understandable, as our very active Facebook community is over 28,000 fans strong. With inspirational posts, daily article updates, and parenting and life questions posted by our staff that come straight from you, our members, this is often where most readers find Grand Rapids Kids at first.

GRKIDS Facebook Question

3 – Weekend Planner

Let us plan your weekend for you!

ADVENTURES in Grand Rapids with Kids is delivered each Tuesday with our top event picks for the week.

Plus, you’ll get highlights of our latest posts, timely information, and a list of our latest giveaways (we love our giveaways!!).  Subscribe here.

Adventures in Grand Rapids Kids Newsletter


4 – Instagram

Our director, Melody, runs a pretty fun Instagram page, with adventures around Grand Rapids and beyond. If you’re looking for some visual inspiration for Grand Rapids exploration, you need to follow Melody.

Cedar Point Kids Excited

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5 – Grand Rapids Baby

Having a baby? Or have a little one already? Grand Rapids Baby keeps you in the loop on things that are important to you. From where to find a doctor, to favorite play places and more, this email series will send you occasional newsletters outlining what you need to know as a new mom in West Michigan. Sign up here!


6 – Pinterest

Is all of the information too much for you? Don’t worry–just drop it into a handy Pinterest folder for later! Or better yet, just search our Grand Rapids Kids Pinterest boards, where we’ve done all the work for you. There are ideas galore for Creative Mom, Chef Mom, Lunchbox Mom, Vacation Mom and everyone in between (and you too, Dads!).

grkids Pinterest page

7 – Free & Affordable Fun for Families in GR and Beyond

Sometimes having fun can drain your wallet. But it doesn’t always have to. Our Free & Affordable Fun Facebook group keeps you updated on timely family-friendly happenings around town that are accessible to everyone.

8 – Twitter

Do you like immediate information at your fingertips? Our Twitter feed is constantly being updated with the local parenting news that you want. From our latest articles, to parent questions to pertinent news pieces, GRKIDS is at the forefront with timely info.

9 – Snapchat

No, you do not have to be born after 1996 to do Snapchat! Snapchat is where you can see behind the scenes and catch live event and West Michigan exploring recaps.

grkids Snapchat

Where are your favorite places to connect with GRKIDS?

Spectrum Health midwifery

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