Gardening With Kids is a Great Way to get Through the Lockdown – If You can Find the Supplies

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This is a developing situation. Currently, the Grand Rapids Horrocks is not allowed to sell gardening items or plants. We will update this when the situation changes.

For now, Horrocks Can Help You Plant a Garden During the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Order

As I started planning my garden this year it dawned on me – major garden stores are closed across the state. Will we still be able to plant a garden

Spring garden plans changed yet again after yesterday’s new stay-at-home order update from Governor Whitmer, calling for the garden centers of grocery and hardware stores to close.

When I first heard that, I cued up my Covid-19 playlist of choice and wailed for a second, “Waaaaaaa!” 

Turns out there are no worries about my spring gardening plans, for now! 

Horrocks Grand Rapids Gardening Brooks

For now, You can get Your Garden Items via Curbside Pickup at Lansing and Battle Creek Horrocks!

After a few calls to Horrocks in Lansing and Battle Creek (Kalamazoo area,) they confirmed they are still offering curbside pickup for garden items.

Grand Rapids Horrocks was told by authorities that they cannot offer plants at this time, but we are hoping that changes soon. For now, you can order any other groceries via their curbside service. 

Here’s How it Works:

Email [email protected] and list the items you’d like to purchase. 

Here’s an example:

Hi – my name is Carla and I’d like to order:

2 tomato plants

2 broccoli plants

1 red lettuce seed packet.

My number is 517.999.9999.

Thanks for all you do,


What Happens Next:

Horrocks will call you. You may have to wait a few hours but don’t worry, they will call! When they do they will confirm what they have and you’ll agree on your order. 

You will pay for your items over the phone.

When and How You Can Pick-Up at Horrocks:

Once you’ve paid, the amazing Horrocks employee will help you choose a pick up time.

When you arrive at your pickup time, park near the sign “Curbside Pickup” located near the main entrance, then call Horrocks. Confirm your type of car and they will bring out your purchases – you do not need to leave your car. 

Have your trunk already open for them to place the items inside. 

That’s it! It’s easy, it’s awesome! Thank you Horrocks, you’re the best!


Planting a Garden is the “Dirt-Therapy” You Need

While the whole world is on hold and we don’t have a lot we can do or control, planting a garden may be one of the best things we can do right now. Bonus – working in a garden can make you happy and bring you joy! 

Gardening is something kids can look forward to each day. It changes daily, and relies on our care. It gets kids out in the sun. 

There’s something about that combo that brings a sense of “everything is going to be ok,” that I think we could all use right now.


Your Garden Doesn’t Have to be Perfect – You Just Have to get Your Hands Dirty

I was inspired but also intimidated to jump on the gardening train after seeing TED Talks like the Gangsta Gardner and Gardening Know How. My mom and sister are also master gardeners and iving up to those expectations seemed like a lot. 

A few years back I read that microbes inside of soil are scientifically proven to strengthen our moods, make us happier, and bring joy. Simply digging in the dirt boosts our serotonin and the happy effects happen on their own. At that possibility – I was hooked! 


That spring I started my first garden next to my garage on a small piece of side yard lining my driveway.

As my kids and I started prepping the ground we found tons of rocks, small concrete chunks, tiny pieces of plastic, and all kinds of strange paraphernalia that somehow found their way into the soil over time. My mom and sister laughed and said “we’ll see what happens.” 

Turns out it didn’t seem to matter much about what was there before! 

That first year, our garden grew tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, green beans and more! 

What really mattered more than the soil was picking the weeds, watering them each night, and sharing the fruits of our labor with each other and our neighbors. It was fun, it was productive, and it ACTUALLY MADE US HAPPY! I couldn’t believe it – it was true and we had experienced it first hand. 

Each year we have planted that same garden in that same peculiar place until we moved. In our new space, we decided to do a community garden in our neighborhood and it was AWESOME! 


5 Reasons to Incorporate Your Kids in Planting a Garden

Money may not be able to grow on trees but thanks to Horrocks this year, happiness will actually grow in your gardens…and may save you a bit of money by growing your own food while you’re at it. 

So, are you convinced that planting a garden is a great idea right now? If yes – get your kids involved

01) Kids Need Help Being Happy During this Time, Too

Our kids are most likely having as much of a hard time as we are during this stay-at-home order and we could all use as much safe happy vibes as we can get! Watch them as they excitedly check out your garden progress each day. 


02) Gardening can Foster a Sense of Responsibility

Much like having a dog or pet, gardening can be a great way to get kids into a routine of taking care of something. It’s a way for our kids to have a safe and fun way to be responsible for something while they aren’t in a school building right now. 


03) Watching Plants Grow Continues the Beauty of Wonder

As the kids watch and wait for the plants they toiled over grow, they light up! Their excitement over doing something that is producing “fruit” is hard to put into words. They marvel at the wonder of growth.


04) Planting With Your Kids Creates Intentional Bonding Time Every Day

Each day you’ll need to water, weed, and care for your garden. This quiet and intentional time creates space for talking, sharing, and bonding with our kids. What better a time to give space for sharing what we are going through than right now during this pandemic time.


05) Kids Actually eat What They planted!

When kids have a part in what they eat, they tend to try new things, actually enjoy eating something they may not have liked before, and want to be more daring with other food choices. I’m excited about this and hoping for my kids to try some kale and other fun green deliciousness this year!


4 Tips for Planting Your Garden

So, are you ready to plant?! Here are some helpful tips plus some resources that will help you take your garden even further this year! 

01) Even if you Fail – It’s a Win! 

I said it above but it’s worth saying again. Gardening is more about getting in the dirt than the actual results! Plants are like our kids…you can sew into them and do all the things…but they have a mind of their own and will grow in their own way. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out just how you thought. It’s the fun and full process of it all that really matters! 

Plus those happy vibes don’t discriminate! If you get out there…you will feel happy. 


02) Put a Cayenne Pepper and Marigold Rim around your Garden to Ward off any Squirrels or Other Animals

We tried this last year! It worked! Plant marigolds about an inch apart all around the garden, then spread cayenne pepper along the rim and voila! You have a beautiful fence. 

03) The Pre-prepped Plants From Horrocks are Great for Kids and Happy Vibes

Horrocks has many pre-prepped plants ready to put right into the soil. The jumpstarted plants are great for seeing your progress quickly, plus gives your hands a little extra time in the soil to baby the plant as you and your kids get it nestled into its new home.

If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind waiting a bit longer, go for the seeds!

04) Helpful Resources can Boost Your Green Thumb 

Here are some fun resources you may like using during or while planning for your garden. My personal favorite is Gardening Knowhow. If you have a site you love, comment below and share the tips! 


Escape Groundhog’s Day With a Trip to the Garden

Thank you, Horrocks and all of the grocery stores out there taking care of communities at large! You guys are among the many heroes and we’re super grateful! 

On that note, I’m so excited that we can still plant a garden in our own backyards with Horrocks’s help. It may feel like Groundhog’s Day right now, but gardening will help  our mental health to see change each day, get our hands dirty in the soil and soak up all of those happy joyous moments while doing something to involve our kids. 

Happy Gardening, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids!


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