Gixo Review: We’re Loving this Mobile Workout Trainer – and Their Heart Healthy Challenge is the Next Thing We Want to Take On

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We’re excited to partner with Gixo, the fitness app that allows you to workout anytime, anywhere. Let’s go!

A New Year, a New Goal

Goodbye January…Hello February! After tackling Winter Break and a string of Snow Days, I think February will be this mom’s true New Year. With the kids back-to-school and a return to our regular schedule, I can focus on goals like Marie Kondo-ing my drawers and being more active.

Who else is ready to kick-off a new month by celebrating like it’s December 31st? 10…9…8… 

A New Way to Workout

I had a plan to join the local gym and make a routine of working out. There were some hurdles [Read: Excuses]. Class timing, cost, and apprehension about my beginner fitness level held me back.

But that all changed.

Now my goal to be more active doesn’t have to happen in a gym. It can be on the streets of my neighborhood with the sun shining, my headphones on, and a coach motivating me along the way. Or on cold winter days when I don’t want to leave my house, I can take a class in my living room.

Either way, the flexibility I have makes it easier to reach my fitness goals! 

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Meet GIXO, Your New Fitness BFF

What got me over my hurdles and into my first class?

Well, I met an app. An app named GixoGixo offers live fitness classes (100s more on demand) with everything from Yoga Calm to Circuit Training to the class I joined, Let’s Walk.

Class times range from 15-40 minutes.

It’s really easy to get signed up for a class. When you open the app, you’ll see a list of classes that are happening now. Or, choose the Classes tab for a full list. Pick a workout, take a deep breath and hit “Sign Up.”

Gixo will send a reminder to grab your phone, headphones, water bottle – whatever you need for your particular workout – 15 minutes before your class.

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When it’s workout time, the coach appears and greets everyone — and in my case, he welcomed me by name. It was great to be acknowledged and even encouraged by the trainer throughout the entire walk!

With location services turned on, Gixo can keep track of your pace and your distance. This allows the coach to motivate you to reach certain goals, like cheering the group on to collectively walk 9 miles during the workout.

Add in a Scavenger Hunt – where class members posted trainer-suggested photos (take a photo of something colorful) to a chatroom –  and the great music from Gixo’s in-house DJ and that 40-minute walk flew by.

Exciting Classes We Can’t Wait to Try

So many choices when it comes to classes offered… here are a few the piqued our interest.

  • Super Quickie. A 15-minute Bootcamp class with a mix of strength and running OR walking.

  • Need a class that helps your mind and body work together? Add the Balance Challenge before or after a workout.

  • I love walking. I tried the Let’s Walk class and had a blast doing a Scavenger Hunt while exercising. Next to try? The Walk & Stretch.

  • Yoga Flow, Yoga Calm, Yoga Power. Let’s do them all!

The Fun-tensive 3-week challenge – Gixo Heart Healthy Challenge – Starts February 4

Now that I conquered my first class and LOVED it, I’m ready for more! Gixo has an awesome Heart Healthy Challenge that begins Monday, February 4 and runs for 3 weeks. For each person that does 4 workouts per week during the challenge, Gixo will donate $20 to the American Heart Association. 

Awesome fact: If you have Gixo, you can join the challenge. It’s included with your membership.

A few more benefits to exercising, plus some reasons to join the Heart Healthy Challenge this February. Exercise:

  • Boosts your levels of good cholesterol
  • Improves blood flow (circulation)
  • Keeps your weight under control
  • Prevents bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis
  • Boosts your energy level so you can get more done
  • Helps you manage stress and tension
  • Promotes a positive attitude and outlook
  • Help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
  • Improves your self-image and self-confidence

I’m ready to try a new challenge and I’d love to have you with me!  Just sign up and try Gixo for yourself with their FREE 7-day trial.

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More About Gixo

Gixo’s goal is to make live workouts easy for everyone to access. Trainers lead engaging classes that build community – all with the convenience of a digital platform.

To learn more about the Heart Healthy Challenge, email or check Gixo’s website. Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram, too. Let’s go Gixo!Gixo workout app 5 1

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