A Grand Rapids Mom and Baby Gives us the Scoop on Goldfish Swim School’s Baby Class

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Goldfish Swim School’s Mini Class Was a Great Bonding Experience for Janelle and her Baby

This year’s West Michigan was a real punch in the gut. …Fourteen snow days (or more)?!?  

Luckily for one of our readers, Goldfish Swim School offered respite from the arctic conditions with a warm swim lesson each week.

Janelle Estelle of Grand Rapids was the winner of our Goldfish Mini Swim Class giveaway. She and her 9-month-old, Ella, enjoyed two months of swim classes at Goldfish this winter and had a great experience.

“My daughter loved the warm water and the songs they sang during activities,” says Janelle.

“She also loved getting to ride in the big boat or going down the big slide at the end of class!”  

Janelle wanted to spend quality one-on-one time with her daughter, and Goldfish delivered!

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3 Things Janelle Says Will Impress Parents who Sign up for the Mini Swim Class

1 – Small Class Sizes are Perfect for Babies and Parents

Goldfish Mini Classes with adult participation caps out at 6 babies. Isn’t that amazing?

Janelle was concerned that the classes might be too large, and turn into a pool full of crying babies. She was pleasantly surprised at Goldfish’s small class sizes, which helped her daughter feel more comfortable in the water.

“My daughter always seemed to have a smile on her face and loved the warm water, “ says Janelle.  

Goldfish’s small student to teacher ratio continues into all levels of their swim instruction with never more than four students in a class once kids are taking the lessons on their own.

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2 – Activities Always Keep the Baby’s Attention

With a variety of instructional methods, Goldfish keeps kids engaged and excited to see what’s up next!

At the first lesson Ella clung to her mom and cried a little when the instructor tried working with her. But their consistent methods soon worked their magic.

“Every class was consistent with songs and the order of activities and my daughter knew what to expect and started to smile when the instructor took her to do moves,” reports Janelle.

“We worked on arm pulls, leg kicks, floating, climbing in and out of the pool, hand grip to hand onto the edge, water conditioning to go under, and crawling/walking on a mat on top the water. Every activity always involved a fun song or fun toys.”


Goldfish does a great job of providing incentives for kids for working hard and being brave.  

Whether it’s a ride in their big foam boat, a trip down a little slide, a turn on the water rocking horses, a great big cannonball for the older kids, or getting to dive for rings, kids can always depend on the consistency and structure of each lesson so they don’t have to face unknowns each time they get into the water.

3 – The Family-Friendly Amenities Make it Easy to Get to Class

Goldfish makes it easy to be there….from the beginning to the end.

“I love that they provide nice baby soap at the shower area and a nice changing station for babies; they even have diapers!” says Janelle. 

Goldfish also has individual changing rooms with benches, a hair drying station, suit dryers, a waiting area with a full view of the pool that includes chairs, tables, and toys for kids who aren’t currently in a lesson, snacks available for purchase, and swim gear.  

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Goldfish is the Gold Standard for Swim Schools

Goldfish is easily one of the premiere destinations for aquatic instruction for kids with their focus on perpetual swimming lessons, intentional objectives for each level, invested instructors, and most importantly to little kids – the warmest pool around!  

The methods employed at Goldfish, starting with their warm pool and their organized and tiered instruction, to their clean and user-friendly amenities, make it a fantastic choice for beginning swimming lessons all the way up through honing expert swimming skills in grade school kids.  

They don’t miss a beat when it comes to making this a positive experience for parents and kids alike.  They expertly take the intimidation factor out of a pool that many kids struggle with and foster a desire in them to keep coming back!  

Give them a call today to get your first lesson set up!

Goldfish Swim School - Jump Start Clinics

2845 Thornhills Ave. Ste S
Grand Rapids, MI

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | (616) 275-3086

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