Grand Rapids Christian Schools Offers Excellent Early Childhood Programs

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Parents (and Kids!) Love The Early Childhood Programs at GRCS

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Children Flourish at Grand Rapids Christian Schools Preschool

Grand Rapids Christian Schools provides a safe, Christ-centered preschool and kindergarten environment for children ages three to five. Their exceptional programs provide numerous opportunities for growth and discovery.

The early childhood programs at GRCS are designed to support each child’s sense of curiosity and develop a joy of learning. The teachers encourage hands-on, experiential learning, while also focusing on God’s creation. GRCS partners with parents to develop the whole child—academically, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. 

Grand Rapids Christian offers a wide-range of early childhood programs with a variety of scheduling options, making it easy for each family to find the right program for their child.

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High Expectations Without High Stress

Grand Rapids Christian teachers are exceptional. Ann Bakker, Academic Program Coordinator for Preschool-4th grade, was truly amazed by the GRCS teachers when she began working with them four years ago. Ann explained that in recent years increasing responsibilities have been placed on teachers, particularly in helping students foster critical thinking skills.

“The teachers collaborate to find age-appropriate ways to help their students develop critical thinking skills,” said Bakker. There is a strong emphasis on play and exploration in the early childhood programs at GRCS, while also engaging students to develop their academic skills. Bakker said teachers balance the curriculum between going deeper academically, while still honoring the fact that they are teaching 3-5 year old students.

It is really remarkable how GRCS has found a way to balance having high expectations for their students, while offering a grace-filled approach that limits the pressure and stress many children experience in a school environment.

Bakker has also been impressed by “how much focus there is on each child” and by how well the GRCS teachers know all of their students.

“They have a good grasp on each individual child and know their strengths and the areas they need to grow,” continued Bakker. The teachers focus not only on the students’ academic needs, but also on their social, emotional and spiritual growth, as well.

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Grand Rapids Christian Emphasizes Community

“At Grand Rapids Christian teachers are intentional about building community. Our focus on helping children to grow in their relationship with God and with each other is what makes Grand Rapids Christian such a special place.” -Ann Bakker, Academic Program Coordinator

GRCS teachers work to foster intentional community in their classroom, and “it is really stunning to see,” said Bakker. Young students learn how to act with each other, how to relate with their peers and be in community together.

These valuable life skills go deeper than learning how to share, take turns and listen. The GRCS teachers all strive to build a community of believers in their classrooms.

“They really talk about what it means to be a follower of Christ, in a very positive, age-appropriate way,” Bakker remarked.

The students grow in their faith and develop their own prayer life through the intentional discipleship that occurs in their classrooms. Parents are encouraged to build upon what the student is learning in their classroom.

Each early childhood class has a private, password-protected blog where the teacher frequently posts about what activities and curriculum the students are learning. Engaging with the blog allows parents a window into their child’s life at school and is a way for parents to further the education happening in the classroom at their own home.

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GRCS offers the following programs:

PRESCHOOL (ages 3-5)

Offered in a variety of schedules from two half days to five full days


Designed to meet the needs of children who could use additional time to develop readiness skills and grow emotionally, socially, and academically before kindergarten.


Students must be 4 years old by the first day of school. Offered at GRCES Iroquois campus only. Five full days or a hybrid schedule is also offered.

BEFORE and AFTER SCHOOL CARE (starts at 7 AM; ends at 6 PM)

Have a Question about GRCS Admissions?

To learn more about Grand Rapids Christians Schools preschool and kindergarten programs, contact Lindsay Hart for GRCES Preschool Admissions at 616.574.6017 or [email protected]. For GRCES Kindergarten – 4th grade admissions, contact Linda Vellenga at 616.574.6015 or [email protected]. Contact Rachael Segard, for Rockford Christian admissions at 616.574.6438 or [email protected]. You can also learn more by visiting their website. Grand Rapids Christian Schools would love to give you a tour and answer any questions you might have.

GRCS would love to welcome you into their warm, welcoming and engaging school community!

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GRCS Elementary – Iroquois Campus | 1508 Alexander St SE, Grand Rapids
GRCS Elementary – Evergreen Campus | 1630 Griggs St SE, Grand Rapids
Rockford Christian School | 6060 Belding Rd, Rockford

WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | 616-574-6017


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