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Date/Time Event
πŸ†“ 12:00 AM MSU Science Festival
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Indoor Play at Holland Playland
9:00 AM Spring Break at Koetsiers
πŸ†“ 9:30 AM 43rd Annual Rock & Mineral Show
10:00 AM Fulton Street Winter Farmers Market
10:00 AM Koetsier's Kids Club
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM MSU Campus Early Childhood Zone
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM MSU Science Festival: Campus Expo Zone
10:00 AM SPRING BREAK! at Grand Rapids Public Museum
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Spring Morning Movies at the Ada-Lowell 5
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Spring Morning Movies at the Grand Haven 9
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Spring Morning Movies at the Holland 7
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Spring Petting Zoo aka Kids, Crafts, and Critters
10:00 AM Under the Sea Painting Class at Create.a.frame Studio
10:00 AM Water's Extreme Journey Exhibit at GRPM
10:00 AM West Michigan Pet Expo
πŸ†“ 10:30 AM Kids Flicks at Georgetown Township Public Library
11:00 AM 2018 Spring Break "Fire til You Tire" at The Lost City
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM Dog Days Family Event at Cabela's
11:00 AM Maciek's Magic Show at the GRCM
11:00 AM Pottery Painting & Wood Signs @ THE MUD ROOM {all ages}
11:00 AM Pottery Painting at Accidental Art!
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM The Giving Tree Storytime at Barnes & Noble- Holland
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM The Giving Tree Storytime at Barnes & Noble- Muskegon
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM The Giving Tree Storytime at Barnes & Noble- Rivertown
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM The Giving Tree Storytime at Barnes & Noble- Woodland
12:00 PM Family Open Swim at Holland Aquatic Center
πŸ†“ 12:00 PM Fortitude Computers Grand Opening Celebration
πŸ†“ 12:00 PM Free Admission at the Grand Rapids Art Museum
12:00 PM Open Swim at Kentwood Aquatics Center
πŸ†“ 12:30 PM Geek Group National Science Institute
1:00 PM Drop-in Studio: Saturated Scenes at the GRAM
1:00 PM Family Pool Open Swim at Spring Lake Community Fitness & Aquatic Center
πŸ†“ 1:00 PM GRAM Drop-in Tour: Art and Travel
1:00 PM Open Skating at Cedar Rock Sports Plex
1:00 PM Robot Open House at Lakeshore Museum Center
πŸ†“ 1:30 PM Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival presents GRLAFF for Kids
1:30 PM Saturday Skate at Tarry Hall Roller Skating Rink
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM Minecraft for Kids at Hackley Public Library
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM Reading with Breslyn at Loutit District Library in Grand Haven
2:00 PM Spring Break BASH! at Dairy Discovery
4:00 PM Lakeshore Roller Derby Game
5:00 PM Grand Rapids Tidal Waves Home Game
6:00 PM Date Night Drop Off at R-Athletics
6:00 PM The Magic of Trino (Fountain Street Church)
6:30 PM Family Roller Skating at Tarry Hall
6:30 PM Saturday Evening Public Skating Session at Tarry Hall
7:30 PM GLOW Roller Skating! At Jumpin' Jupiter Skate Center
11:00 PM Cosmic Bowling at Park Center Lanes

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