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Date/Time Event
πŸ†“ 12:00 AM Caledonia Western Week
πŸ†“ 12:00 AM Summer Reading Challenge
8:00 AM Berlin Fair
8:00 AM Sky Zone Sky Camp
8:00 AM Splash Pads and Water Play North/East of GR
8:30 AM High School Camp: Engineering Design Challenge: Showering on Mars
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Aldersgate UMC Vacation Bible School
9:00 AM Camp Mud: Made in Michigan @ The Mud Room
9:00 AM Day Camp (ages 6-11) at MVP Crahen
9:00 AM Day Camp (ages 6-11) at MVP Holland
9:00 AM Day Camp (ages 6-11) at MVP Sportsplex
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Free Kid Flicks at Celebration Cinema Woodland
9:00 AM Girls Shooting / Scoring Basketball Clinic (7th-12th grade)
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Kids Day at the Metro Health Farm Market
9:00 AM Mini Camp (ages 3-6) at MVP Crahen
9:00 AM Mini Camp (ages 3-6) at MVP Holland
9:00 AM Mini Camp (ages 3-6) at MVP Sportsplex
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Ottawa County Splash Pads
9:00 AM Sensory Playgroup
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM The PlayStation at inSpirit Church
πŸ†“ 9:00 AM Time Lab VBS at Fellowship Reformed Church
9:30 AM Adventure Challenge (ages 10-13)
πŸ†“ 9:30 AM Babytime at the Walker KDL
9:30 AM Summer STEAM Workshop Series at GRCM
9:30 AM Tyler Creek Summer Kids Camps
10:00 AM City of Grand Rapids Pools and Splash Pads
10:00 AM Hands-on Farm, Homemade Ice Cream, and more at Deer Tracks Junction
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Preschool Storytime at Herrick District Library
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Rockin' with Pete the Cat
10:00 AM Splash Pads and Water Play South/West of GR
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Storytime at Loutit District Library
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Stroller Strut at ODC
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Summer Preschool Storytime at Howard Miller Public Library
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Summer Reading Challenge at HSB Bookstore
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Toddler Storytime at Herrick District Library- North Branch
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM Toddler Time at KDL Plainfield
πŸ†“ 10:00 AM World's Largest Swim Lesson - Free!
10:30 AM Conscious Kids Playgroup
10:30 AM Create a City at LowellArts
πŸ†“ 10:30 AM Storytime at Hackley Public Library
πŸ†“ 10:30 AM Summer Storytimes for Families at GRPL Seymour Branch
10:45 AM Kids' Tram at Meijer Gardens
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM Bubble Wonders at the Byron Township KDL
11:00 AM Pirate Chaser Sails
11:00 AM Pottery Painting & Wood Signs @ THE MUD ROOM {all ages}
11:00 AM Summer Activities in the Lena Meijer Children's Garden
πŸ†“ 11:00 AM Summer Storytimes for Families at GRPL Yankee Clipper Branch
12:00 PM Camp Mud Potter's Wheel @ The Mud Room
12:00 PM Lunch Bunch at Gymco
πŸ†“ 12:00 PM Maranda Park Party - Wyoming
πŸ†“ 12:00 PM Relax at Rosa
12:00 PM Summer Homeschool Days at BattleGR
12:00 PM Thrifty Thursdays at BattleGR
12:30 PM Family Skating at Tarry Hall
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM A Magic Show with Tom Plunkard at the Caledonia KDL
2:00 PM Adventure Hour at the ODC
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM Bubble Wonders at the Comstock Park KDL
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM Draw some AWESOME! (for teens)
πŸ†“ 2:00 PM LEGO Catapults at Herrick District Library- North Branch
2:00 PM Make Your Own Instruments! at Spring Lake District Library
πŸ†“ 3:00 PM Zine Making Workshop
πŸ†“ 5:00 PM Car Seat Safety Check- Plainfield
πŸ†“ 5:00 PM Free Thursday Nights at the GRAM
5:00 PM Light the Night at the GRAM
5:30 PM Bubble Bowl Class at Accidental Art
5:30 PM Trolls Glow Roll - Jumpin' Jupiter Skate Center (Muskegon)
πŸ†“ 6:00 PM Lakeside Community CRC VBS
6:00 PM Landscape Painting at Blandford Nature Center
πŸ†“ 6:00 PM Mega Sports Camp
πŸ†“ 6:00 PM VBS Splash Canyon! at Grace Lutheran Church
πŸ†“ 6:15 PM Maker Fun Factory VBS at Zutphen CRC
πŸ†“ 6:30 PM Bubble Wonders at the Plainfield Township KDL
πŸ†“ 6:30 PM Downtown Holland's Street Performer Series
πŸ†“ 6:30 PM Pop β€˜n’ Paint: THE REMIX (for teens)
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Felt Estate Summer Concert Series
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Free Yoga at Lookout Park
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Hudsonville Free Summer Concert Series
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Kentwood Summer Concert Series
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Lowell Showboat Sizzlin' Summer Concerts
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Music at the Point (Spring Lake)
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM South Haven Riverfront Concert Series
πŸ†“ 7:00 PM Summer Bible Blast (cancelled if raining)
7:30 PM Drop-in Tumbling is Back For the Summer at GR Gymnastics
9:00 PM Buck Night at Hudsonville Lanes

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