Preventing Sports Injuries – What Parents Can Do To Support Their Student Athletes

The best way we can support our student athletes isn’t by going to every game, cheering at the top of our lungs, or buying the best equipment. It’s not even by clanging a cowbell like one of the moms from my high school. (Although that was pretty entertaining!)

One of the best ways you can support your young athlete is to enroll them in a strength and conditioning program run by a certified professional.

Kids in sports push it hard, but not always in the safest way – they just assume that if their body can do it, they’re fine. This is how injuries can happen. But with proper training and supervision, kids can become stronger and faster… and stay injury-free.

Certified strength and conditioning specialists can fill the gap between sports training and injury prevention. One local program is Center for Physical Rehab’s Fast Program, an academy for sports and wellness designed for middle and high schoolers.

Training kids at this young age means can lead to a life time of healthy movement and exercise choices.  

Injury Prevention – A Crucial Key to Young Athlete Sports Training

Does your child’s school partner with a certified PT trainer?  In many cases kids simply work with a coach, whose expertise is in team and game management, but who may not have training in individual fitness.

Without the added instruction from a certified strength and conditioning specialist, your child could be missing a key ingredient to his or her athletic career.

Jess Venderberg, one of CPRs athletic trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialists, sat down with Melody to explain why injury prevention is key to any athlete‘s development.

Strength and Agility Training Camp in Grand Rapids

🙋🙋Raise your hand if you have a kid in sports. Keep it raised if your kid is in middle or high school. Kids in sports push it hard – and not always in the safest way. But good news – with proper training and supervision, kids can push it and stay injury-free, all while becoming stronger and faster. Strength and Agility training is coming your way this summer. Certified professionals will help your student master weight lifting as well as fitness conditioning. Watch this video to get a glimpse of some of the basics that are often overlooked. Groups start on June 11 and run for 6 weeks. Grab your spot before they're full at or 616-954-0950.

Posted by Grand Rapids Kids on Thursday, April 26, 2018

What Sports Parents Should Know About Keeping Kids Safe

The Fast Program for Strength & Conditioning helps kids learn the proper building blocks to be a strong, well rounded athlete.

Grand Rapids strength and conditioning programs

Britni Houghton, former starting guard/forward for CMU shares:

“I had an in-house strength and conditioning trainer through high school and college. Looking back, I realize how important it was to have this. In the moment, kids are tempted to ride on their talent alone. It was key that my family kept redirecting me to remember that my talent was a gift. Using this training to achieve maximum results beyond where my talent could take me was not letting my gift go to waste.”

Having started her basketball career at age 5, Houghton incurred just 2 injuries. She attests the minimal severity and quick recovery time to physical therapy.

teen strength training

Jess shares these tips for supporting kids in strength and conditioning work:

Positive Effects of Injury Prevention Training

  • Reduces the risk of sports related injury
  • Increases muscular strengthening and power,
  • Increases cardiovascular health
  • Improves motor skills and coordination
  • Increases confidence

Choose Strength and Conditioning Programs Carefully

Not all programs are created equal. To choose the best program for your child make sure that the program:

  • Is run by a certified specialist.
  • Is appropriate for your child’s age.
  • Focuses on form and function over how much they can lift.

Athletic Strength and Conditioning Training is for All Levels of Athletic Ability

Injuries at a young age can affect every athlete’s trajectory no matter their skill level. The good news is that strength and agility training is coming your way this summer! Certified specialists will help your student master weight lifting as well as fitness conditioning.

5 Foundational Movements Every Athlete Should Do Well

Your child may go on to be drafted or end up on another path. Regardless, our goal should be lifelong movement for long term wellness no matter the skill level. Any child participating in sports should be able to perform these 5 basic foundational movements:

  • Proper Athletic Position
    • Skill requirement: Ability to cut left or right, get down on the ground, and react very quickly.
    • Common issues: Feet will go too wide rounding forward through spine, craning neck up to play defense.
  • Proper Plank
    • Skill requirement: Engage core while being active with elbows directly under shoulders.
    • Common issues: Stomach and shoulders usually sag
  • Proper Pushup
    • Skill requirement: Controlled body weight with a flat spine. Before doing a bench press, athlete must move their own body weight.
    • Common issues: Sagged abdomen, chest up, and arching in the back struggling to get up.
  • Mastering the Squat
    • Skill requirements: Sit back into squat, knees behind toes.
    • Common Issues: Torso will fall forward and knees will shift over their toes.
  • Proper jump landing and Takeoffs
    • Skill requirements: Land on your toes and sink to heels in landings. Helps reduce risk of injury at the knee.
    • Common Issues: Knee will dive into the middle (valgus knee)

Summer Sports and Wellness Programs at CPR for All Grand Rapids Young Athletes

CPR welcomes ALL student athletes to join their FAST program. These group sessions are held in their academy at the Cascade location and are capped at 10. One-on-one training is also available.

CPR also partners with 5 local Schools!

  • Forest Hills Public Schools (North, East and Central)
  • Byron Center High Schools
  • Catholic Central

Programs are held within some of the partnering schools. Students can attend at their school if it’s available, or go to a session at the Cascade location.  The schools that utilize CPR’s partnership run programs specifically for their student athletes on their campus with the assistance of sport coaches. Typically these programs have larger group numbers.

Thanks to CPR our whole families can MOVE FORWARD with the training and care of their staff. Here’s how you can get started:

Sign up for summer conditioning here. They will be offering multiple sessions of their FAST program. Groups that start on June 11 and run for 6 weeks. Grab your spot before they’re full!

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