All moms have their tricks and during one of our planning meetings, we were talking about recipes we use to sneak healthy “stuff” into our kids’ diets. This led us to wonder if those recipes would work for others and not just on our own kids. As a result, we’re sharing our sneaky recipes with each other to test out on someone else’s kids. For this edition of “Did They Eat It?” Michelle shared her recipe for Simple Smoothies with me so I could try it out with my kids. Here’s how it went…



Simple Smoothies

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

    • 16 oz. light or nonfat vanilla yogurt (I used Chobani Greek yogurt)
    • 1 bag (16 oz.) frozen fruit mix (I used Meijer Berry Medley)
    • 2 cups V8 V-Fusion Light juice (Several varieties of this, I choose Pomegrantate Blueberry)

Step 2: Put all the ingredients into a blender. The longer you blend, the smoother the smoothie.

Step 3:  Pour into cups.  Yield: 6 servings. [line] [note] Notes:

  • The V8 V-Fusion is a vegetable and fruit drink – it packs a healthy punch.
  • This smoothie is filling.
  • This recipe can easily be halved or doubled.[/note][clear]


The Verdict:

We made our smoothies for our bedtime snack.  My kids place smoothies in the same category as a milkshake so we didn’t have to twist any arms to get them to try it.  The kids loved the simple smoothies!

Here’s what I love about these simple smoothies: they are healthy, they contain protein-rich yogurt and are full of fruit and vegetable juice.

I will definitely make these again.  I am going to mix it up a bit and use a different V8 Fusion juice and perhaps a different fruit medley (I saw one with peaches).  Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing, fruity drink?   – Thanks for the recipe, Michelle!

If you have a secretly healthy recipe you make for your family, share it with us and we’ll try it out on our own kids. [line]