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It’s finally safe to plant annuals…in containers that you can easily haul indoors, that is!

Since we still haven’t crossed into that frost free part of the calendar, it’s better to wait on planting annuals in the ground.  But, you can add a TON of color to your home right now with a few well planted hanging baskets and containers. 

Step 1:  Let the shopping begin!

Step 2:  Change up your routine with a unique container, a fool-proof planting technique, & a couple of plants that will take you to the next level.

A few more tips…
  • Start small, you can always go back for more later.
  • Don’t forget to buy soil.  I like the bags that come with fertilizer mixed in and absorb a lot of water (A.K.A. built-in grace for the days I forget to give my plants a drink).
  • Plant you thrill in the center, then alternate around the edges with fill & spill.  For an average size hanging basket you would use (1) thrill, (2) fill, & (3) spill.  [line]
Step 3:  Leave a tip!

Do you have a tip or idea that I missed?  Share it with everyone as a comment.  I’m also looking for some creative and unique containers for my front porch.  Any ideas?

Come back on May 15 to see my kids get nice and dirty when they help me plant everything that I brought home.

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[line]Disclaimer:  Plants and planting materials were provided in exchange for this post and series but did not have any impact on the opinions expressed.  All opinions are my own.