GRKIDS has Been Bringing You the Best Family Fun in Grand Rapids for 10 Years!

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Grand Rapids Families are Having a Blast Like No Others, Thanks to GRKIDS

GRKIDS Took the #TenYearChallenge…

Remember way back to January, when the latest and greatest social media meme was to post photos of your 2009 self against your 2019 self? Well, this is what ours would look like


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We’ve certainly come a long way in the past ten years and there is no way we would have been able to so if it weren’t for the incredibly supportive community here in West Michigan.

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We Created a Central Space for Local Parents to Know What’s Going on Around Town

In the year of Sully’s Miracle on the Hudson, Kanye’s famous upstaging of Taylor Swift, and the very first ArtPrize, Grand Rapids Kids also made its debut.

Founder & CFF (Chief Fun Finder) Melody VanderWeide saw– and was experiencing first hand– the need for a one-stop spot to figure out what was going on in Grand Rapids.

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Since those early days of story time roundup, our daily event calendar has become a reliable resource for many families.

GRKIDS Calendar today snapshot

Over the years we’ve dabbled with a podcast (way before podcasts became cool), recipes, and even had an app (I actually kind of wish this one would come back). 

We’ve Grown From a Staff of 1 to a Team of Over 40 Local GR Enthusiasts

As you can imagine, it takes a village to bring West Michigan all this useful content, and over the past decade the GRKIDS family has grown!

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Most of the team is made of local parents who are all fans of the site and our mission to help families spend time together exploring West Michigan. (If every city I had moved to before settling down in Grand Rapids had an equivalent, those transitions would have been so much easier to navigate!). 

Downtown Market balloon animals
Downtown Market

In addition to our exhaustive Event Calendar, has over 1,200 articles published, all written to help the community.

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Shockingly, our most shared article is about how to have a kid-free getaway to Traverse City (my theory is it’s because kid-free getaways are a precious commodity, so they are researched and planned very carefully).

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Our facebook community alone has grown to over 46,000 people (150 years ago, the entire population of Grand Rapids clocked in at only a bit more than 16,000!), along with an active discussion group (you should join!). 

We Thought You Could use a Magazine as Well

Now you can hold Grand Rapids Kids in your hands. The Grand Rapids Family Fun Guide comes out 5 times a year and like our website, is loaded with ideas for enjoying West Michigan in each season.

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Full of beautiful images and exciting ideas for your family, these seasonal mini-magazines are perfect for tucking into a diaper bag or purse to be consulted when you need to find an indoor play place ASAP or a tasty donut fix.

We Now Serve Kalamazoo and Lansing Metro Areas

These days you’ll find us chugging away on Facebook and Instagram, and also on our sister sites KZOO Kids and Lansing Family Fun to help you plan outings all over west, southwest, and mid-Michigan. 

Kalamazoo Valley Museum Play Station
Kalamazoo Valley Museum – Kalamazoo


Lansing Uncle Johns Cider Mill St. Johns
Uncle John’s Cider Mill – St. Johns

And We are not Stopping There – Michigan, Here We Come!

Slowly but surely we are also expanding beyond the west side of the state as newly launched Michigan Family Fun  gets families in the know about all things Mitten State, coast to coast.

Michigan Family Fun Logo

Where will be going in the next ten years? We’re not certain, but we know it will involve listening to what the community needs as well as finding every corner of fun in our beautiful state. And maybe we could consider bringing that app back?

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    I recently went through the list of all the apps I’ve downloaded over the years. I totally tried to get the GR KIDS app to work and was sad that it didn’t!

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