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All Good Things Must Come To An End

The flights are booked, the reservations are made, and the kids are off of school–it’s finally time for Spring Break! You made it! You soak up some much needed sunshine and make family memories to last a lifetime. The week speeds by too quickly and somehow it’s time to re-pack those bags.

But now what?

We often put so much time and energy into planning a family vacation, that we don’t always think about what comes after the vacation is over. For my family this can mean crabby kids, tired parents, loads of laundry, and empty cupboards. We don’t always land gracefully back into our daily routines.

While it won’t be easy (it never is, unfortunately) we’re hoping these tips will help you ease back into your day-to-day life.

9 Hacks for A Seamless Re-Entry After Vacation

1 – Give Yourself an Extra Day

returning from vacation

When booking your travel, if possible, give yourself a day between arriving home and getting back into your normal life. This gives you time to get settled, do a load (or two…or three) of laundry, and get everyone a good night of sleep before rejoining the real world.

2 – Leave the House Clean

My mom always made us do this before vacation and I never understood why…until I was a mom too! Coming home to a clean house after traveling is the best gift you can give yourself. Having an empty dishwasher and sparkling countertops sets you up for success upon returning home.

3 – Keep the Calendar Empty

Do not schedule those dentist appointments! Do not take the dog to the vet! Postpone what you can and do your best to keep your week after vacation as empty as possible. Do just what you need to do and not one thing more!

4 – Keep a Routine on Vacation

This does not need to be the same one that your family follows at home. The hope is that if you stick to some sort of a “normal” on vacation, it will be easier to transition back to real life after the vacation is over. For example: bedtime might be later on vacation, but you could still read three stories before bed just like at home.

5 – Plan a Family Day

The fun doesn’t need to come to an end because the vacation did! Schedule something to do as a family a week or so after vacation. It could be something as simple as pizza and game night or taking the whole family to explore a new park or local attraction.

6 – Keep Your Body Moving


Don’t settle into a post-vacation slump! Take an hour for you and try a new fitness class or walk a new trail. Give yourself some endorphins or fresh air (or even better: both!) and avoid those post-vacation blues.

7 – Give Yourself a Bedtime

While you might not be able to enjoy warmer temperatures and constant sunshine, you can give yourself the gift of rest. Fuel your body with a good night of sleep and you’ll be able to tackle whatever the real world throws at you.

8 – Work on a Commemorative Photo Book

While I do not have the photo album dedication of my mother, I do try and make a photobook to remember family trips and events. The details and memories will be fresh in your head, so take an hour here and there and get started!

9 – Skip the Grocery Store

What did we do before we could order our groceries online?! While you’re waiting for your flight home or trying to pass the tenth hour in the car, take a minute and put in an order for your essentials and pick them up after the kids are tucked in bed.

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