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Help for Having a Baby in Grand Rapids

Welcome to the Gigantic Grand Rapids Babies Guide

Having a baby changes everything, and

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Everything You Want to Know About Having a Baby in Grand Rapids

So…You’re Pregnant!

Favorite Ob Gyns Around Grand Rapids

Where on earth to start? Here are some tips for prepping for your next bundle of joy in Grand Rapids. From name ideas to parenting classes, it all starts here:


Medical Resources for Having a Baby in Grand Rapids


West Michigan’s approach to having a baby is welcoming of all choices. Hospital births are celebrated alongside home births, midwives are available for both home and hospital births, and OBGYNs lend their expertise in every town around the area. No matter your birthing preference, it is probably already in practice and you’ll  have no trouble finding the right professional(s) to help you along the way.

Supporting You

Parenting Groups Grand Rapids

Once you have your baby, you’ll realize how much support you need! You’re in luck – West Michigan is an extremely family-friendly place.


Socializing With Baby

Library Play Areas Grand Rapids

It’s no fun being cooped up in the house with your sweet baby day after day. Here are some great ideas for a change of scenery and fun places for your baby to interact with others.

Truth Time: Pregnancy Isn’t Always a Breeze

Pregnancy Depression Pine Rest Grand Rapids

We would be remiss if we didn’t address the dark side of pregnancy. While we are hopeful that this doesn’t address you, we know that for many women, pregnancy isn’t a complete delight. Sometimes your baby has a medical problem. Sometimes you have major depression. Maybe you weren’t expecting to get pregnant right now. Maybe your pregnancy doesn’t result in taking home a healthy baby at the end. If you are struggling, maybe one of our articles can help.


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