How Are You Feeling About Summer Camp Right Now, West MI?

summer camp mood survey

What Does the Future Hold for Summer Camp in West Michigan?

It’s what everyone is wondering right now.

Normally, the GR Summer Camps Guide is all you would need to answer questions about summer camp.

But this year is different.

We at GRKIDS find ourselves in a unique position between summer camps and parents. Both groups want to know what the other is thinking. Granted, no one knows what the future holds, but we can do our part by facilitating the conversation.

It’s with that in mind that we ask parents in West Michigan to fill out our short survey.

We’re looking to get an idea of how families are feeling about summer camp this year. At the same time, we polling our summer camp contacts to get an idea of what they are thinking about doing this year.

We will compile the data and get it to you as quickly as we can. The more data we get, the more robust our results will be. Please share this survey with your local friends to help us out.

Thank you and stay well.

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