But She’s Got It All Together…

When you hear about somebody doing something that you think is amazing or beyond what you regularly do, like juggle a big house or workout faithfully or having multiple kids in lots of sports or look amazing all of the time or bake beautiful cupcakes or homeschool her children or have a madly successful career or is a volunteering superstar or has the cutest cottage…

If you say to yourself “how does she do that?” you’ve just learned something.

How Does She Do That- (2)

We Often Mistake Admiration for Aspiration

Wondering “How Does She Do That” is not a signal that you need to do better in that area – but rather – a sign that your friend has found her area of expertise, her comfort zone.

It’s a sign to yourself that that particular thing, whatever it is, is not your thing. Your personal forte might not be Facebook-worthy, but I bet your kids and family and friends know what you excel at.

Your Ordinary is Nothing But

Maybe you’re the world’s best hugger or story reader or game player or listener or bathroom cleaner or [fill in the blank!] Too often I think I have nothing to offer because the world doesn’t affirm the little daily things that make up a good life.

Stop listening to the world and start listening to the places and people that make you feel like the best version of you there is.

Because that version, unleashed on the world, is a game changer.

child and mom blowing bubbles