How I Hacked My Refrigerator for Under $100 – And Got 25% More Shelf Space

refrigerator space hack

When we bought our side-by-side refrigerator we had two little kids that ate baby food and just a bit off of our dinner plates.

Fast-forward to current times where our kids are bigger and we’re eating and cooking more at home — we need more space in our fridge.

Eating More at Home + Growing Family = More Food in the Fridge

For me, keeping the refrigerator and pantry well-stocked has become an art form. The lure of buying in bulk is tempered by the reality that my side-by-side refrigerator can only hold so much, and there have been way too many “food casualties” because I bought – and forgot about – food that got hidden in the depths of the fridge.

Then I had an epiphany as I was reassembling the fridge after a deep-clean.

After the shelves, drawers, and trays were back in, I started to replace food items. Salad dressing bottles. Ketchup. A big box of spinach. Yogurt… There were so many things that, if hidden, would be easily forgotten.

I was longing for a new, bigger fridge when it hit me: I wasn’t using all of the current space in my fridge to its potential. The shelves in the fridge were too far apart- I only really needed one “tall stuff” shelf. The rest of my items would be better displayed on shelves that were closer together.

I needed another shelf in my fridge!

Plus another door bin, and freezer shelf, and… you get the point.maximize fridge space

Increase in Refrigerator (and Freezer) Space

Where do you buy an extra shelf for your refrigerator?

I took a photo of the model number and serial number for my refrigerator (located inside of my fridge on the top left) and googled the make and model.

Since my fridge is at least seven years old, I wasn’t surprised to find that Maytag doesn’t sell these parts anymore. I did learn that I could find the part numbers (for the shelf and door bin that I wanted) on the Maytag site by searching with the model number.

Once I knew the numbers of the parts I needed I searched google again.

I Bought an Extra Shelf and Bin on EBAY

The best deal that I found for a glass refrigerator shelf was $40 on eBay. I also found a door bin for $25. I’m in the process of getting an extra wire freezer shelf and it looks like that will run about $25, too.

For less than $100 I’ve significantly increased the shelf space in my refrigerator and freezer- making it a lot easier to see items in there and hopefully making my refrigerator use more efficient.

Do you have any food management tips to share?

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