INSIDER TIPS for Shopping Mom2Mom Consignment Sales

Insider Tips Mom2Mom Consignment

Score BIG Savings at Mom2Mom Consignment Sales

If you are a parent or even a soon-to-be parent, you know kids are expensive. From maternity clothes to diapers to onesies on to age-appropriate toys, the shopping budget can start to explode when kids come into the picture. Smart parents know how helpful it is to shop second-hand through Mom2Mom consignment sales.

“I learned the hard way with my first child, that buying brand new clothes can be frustrating and expensive. We try to take good care of our things, but I’m much less likely to get upset when a $1 shirt gets stained.” – April, Forest Hills mom to three

Shopping second-hand can be a bit daunting, so here are some INSIDER TIPS to help you maximize your next consignment sale and get the most bang for your buck!


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Before the Sale…

1- Preparation is Key

Before you head to a Mom2Mom Sale, you will greatly benefit from some prep work. First, if you are shopping for kid clothing, be sure to write down measurements and sizing for each child. There are no returns, so getting the best fit possible is advised.

You will also want to set a budget and write down a list of “wants” and “needs.” This will help you stay focused while you’re shopping in a sea of items surrounded by a crowd of other moms.

2- Pack Smart

Shopping at a consignment sale is not like shopping at the mall. You’ll need to bring your own large bag or container to carry your goods around. Pro-tip? Pack a flexible, fold-up hamper; it’s the perfect shopping “bag.”

Also, pack a water bottle and wear comfortable shoes. There’s nothing like scouring racks of clothes while your feet ache or feeling extremely thirsty while waiting in the check-out line. And don’t forget some plastic bags to seal your items in before you take them into your car and wash them at home (more info on that in point #7)!

3- Leave the Kids at Home, but Bring a Friend!

“Most Mom2Mom sales are perfectly organized, making ‘hunting’ easy and efficient. If you can, leave the kiddos behind at home. Strollers and tots hopping on all the tricycles will only slow you down!” -Rachel, Alger Heights mom to two

If at all possible, going kid-free to a consignment sale is highly recommended. To make the sale even more fun, make a date with a friend to shop together. If you need (or simply prefer) to bring your kids along, be sure to pack your least-bulky stroller. You will benefit from packing snacks and a few toys, as well.


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While at the Sale…

4- Go Early

Set your alarm, grab your coffee and get to Mom2Mom sales as early as possible. You will find the ‘cream of the crop’ this way and avoid the longest checkout lines. Win, win!

5- Focus on Trusted Brands

Mom2Mom sale shoppers do best when they know their favorite clothing brands. I love the quality of Baby Gap, Mini Boden, Gymboree and the Tea Collection…but paying full price for these clothes makes my wallet hurt. Know your price points for the brands you love.

I’ll gladly pay $8 for a Tea Collection outfit, but will spend $4 or less on something from Carter’s. (Don’t get me wrong, I like Carter’s clothing, but they wear more quickly than a pricier brand.) Keeping price points in mind will help maximize consignment shopping.

6- Make a Yes Pile…Later

If there is an item you are unsure about, grab it and scan/decide later. You don’t want to have to go back and hunt through a crowd for something before you get in the checkout line.

Consignment pros recommend grabbing everything that catches your eye, throw it in your trusty bag/hamper. Before you check out, you can go through your items and make your final, definitive YES pile.


Once Home…

7- Wash Everything

Once you are back home, soaking in the glorious feeling of buying loads of amazing things for magnificent prices, there is one very important detail you won’t want to forget…

Keep all your items sealed in a plastic bag before they go in your car, then immediately wash them with hot water once home. Dry them with high heat, too. This will ensure you kill any and all unwanted germs.

8- Save the Date!

Now that you are eager to get shopping, mark your calendar for Saturday, February 25, 2017 for Orchard Hill Preschool’s annual Mom2Mom Sale! The sale goes from 8 AM – 1 PM. This sale will benefit Orchard Hill Preschool and admission for adult shoppers is only $1.00!


Due to space concerns, they kindly ask for no strollers until after 10AM. The doors will open at 8AM, the large item area opens at 8:30AM and the rest of the sale opens at 9AM. There will be 100+ vendors on site and concessions will also be available for purchase. Each seller will handle their own sales, so you’ll want to bring cash with you. (That also means that point #6 above about a ‘yes pile’ isn’t relevant for this sale). If you are interested in selling email [email protected] or visit the vendor page.

We’d love to hear about the great deals you find! Leave a comment below and we’ll celebrate your consignment victory with you.

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