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What is Grand Rapids Baby?

Grand Rapids Baby

This email series will send you occasional newsletters outlining what you need to know as a new mom in West Michigan.

We’ll send out this newsletter while you are pregnant and after baby is born – through his or her first year.

Our newsletter series will cover things like:

  • Choosing an OB
  • Is a midwife or Doula right for you?
  • Local Baby Shower Hot Spots
  • Hospital & Birthing Options
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Local Breastfeeding Resources
  • Going Back to Work
  • Childcare Options
  • Momsbloom and Postpartum Depression
  • Play groups & Play dates
  • Pediatricians
  • so much more!

It is our hope that the Grand Rapids Baby newsletter series will help you ease into parenting in West Michigan. As always, leave us a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover.

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How Grand Rapids Baby Works

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More to Come from Grand Rapids Baby!

We can’t wait to journey with you during this special season of life.

We have a great info series planned for you and would love your feedback. Let us know if there’s something you’re wanting we haven’t touched on yet by leaving a comment below.



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