10 Reasons Your Kids Won’t Want to Leave Jester’s Court – And Neither Will You

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Jester’s Court is in the Middle of Getting New Inflatables, a Rock Wall, and Another Surprise or Two

Being a stay-at-home mom to three young kids with a lot of energy is exhausting. I’m always looking for affordable options to have them burn energy outside of my house.

Jester’s Court is the ultimate place for expelling energy. My kids love climbing through the three-story obstacle course and jumping on the nine inflatables. And I love how well they sleep at night.

dad and kids playing on inflatable slide

Despite already offering hours of endless play for kids, Jester’s Court is adding more fun to its lineup this winter.

In addition to the new features in the toddler area (read below), Jester’s Court is also getting more inflatables and a rock wall. There may also be a surprise feature coming, too.

Keep your eyes on their website and Facebook page for announcements.

Jester’s Court is a Thrill for Kids Age 12 and Under

Jester’s Court is designed for kids age 12 and under. Toddlers age three and under have a special play area, but are allowed on all the equipment. Parents are encouraged to play with their kids, but jumping is not allowed.

Jesters Court inflatable area


10 Reasons Your Kids Will Want to Live at Jester’s Court

1. Three Story Obstacle Course Has So Much to Do

The three-story soft play obstacle course is at the very beginning of the play area at Jester’s Court so that’s where my kids start when we visit.

My oldest two (ages eight and five) take off through the course as fast as they can. My two year old needs me to boost him up the ledges, but he quickly gets the hang of it and pulls himself up on his own.

Jesters Court boy on ropes Rudd

Throughout the obstacle course, kids can climb a rope bridge, hit a punching bag, dive through rotating cylinders and more.

2. “The Big Tube Slide is my Favorite!”

These slides, my daughter’s favorites, are so much fun that I had to give them their own recognition.

One of the slides is two stories high and the other is three. Even I was shrieking in delight as I slid down. The big one is really fast!

toddler boy smiling on bottom of slide

3. With Nine Different Large Scale Inflatables, You Won’t Have Time to Get Bored

There are so many different kinds of large scale inflatables at Jester’s Court.

We all climb to the top of the big multi-lane slide and all four of us slide down at once, each safely in our own lane. My oldest two enjoy racing each other on the other two lane slide inflatable. The obstacle courses and mazes are perfect for a fantastic game of hide and seek.

area with inflatables for little kids

My oldest says, “The inflatables are so much fun!”

My two year old was ecstatic to discover balls inside another inflatable for playing basketball – or dodgeball, as my eight year old son announced right before he pelted my husband with a ball.

One inflatable is brand new and in the toddler area. It is only for kids three years old and younger. My youngest loves diving through the rings and bouncing off the columns.

4. Enclosed Toddler Play Area is Perfect for the Youngest Visitors

My toddler loves the special area just for him. It’s nicely contained inside a gated area which is great for making sure the kids don’t run off.

toddler boy playing with toy

In addition to their own inflatable, there is also a new Step Two play structure with a couple small slides. Since the tube slides on the main play structure can be scary, this is a great option for littles. 

If your baby isn’t ready to climb and slide, there are also giant foam blocks to build with – and, of course, knock down. Littles will also enjoy the two activity cubes and a long tunnel.

5. A Video Game Floor Projection Makes the Kids Part of the Game

If your kids love to play on iPads as much as mine, they’ll love the “gaming” area.

This semi-enclosed area projects games like Whack-A-Mole or soccer onto a lighted floor space. Kids then stomp on bubbles to pop them or set off firecrackers or score a goal.

Each game is about two minutes long and then a different game starts. We played at least nine different games on our last visit.

6. Wide Variety of Food and Drinks Makes a Snack Break Easy and Affordable

My kids are all about the food. Whenever we go anywhere they want to know if we’re going to eat there. At Jester’s Court, I say, “Yes!”

No outside food or drink is allowed at Jester’s Court, but their concession stand is incredible. The prices are very reasonable.

mom and kids eating and drinking at table

You can purchase pre-packaged snacks like animal crackers and fruit leathers or warm snacks like soft pretzels or bread sticks.

If you’re hungry for a full meal, Jester’s Court also offers house-made pizza by the pie or slice. Kids’ options include grilled cheese, hot dog and chicken fingers. Adults will enjoy a variety of wraps.

In typical kid-fashion, the food is always a highlight for my oldest. “The soft pretzel and the grilled cheese are the best. The grilled cheese is warm, but not too hot and it’s a little crispy.”

7. Little Details Makes Jester’s Court Great for Young Families

Jester’s Court has several little touches that make it a great place for young families.

In addition to the separate toddler play area, there is also a little toilet and a little sink in the women’s bathroom. My daughter squeals in excitement when she sees these. “They’re just my size!” 

girl washing hands at bathroom sink

I was also very happy to see a “Free to Feed” sign on Jester’s Court’s front door. Breastfeeding moms are encouraged to nurse their babies wherever they want!

8. Parents Can Make Themselves Comfortable While Kids Play

Adults needing a break can enjoy relaxing in recliners and watching live sports on the TVs while the kids are playing.

Free Wi-fi is also available. This is great for getting some work done.

9. Their Walker Location is Easy to Get To

Driving downtown is very stressful for me. I love that I can avoid downtown in order to go to Jester’s Court.

Their Walker location is with other warehouse-type buildings so it can be tricky to pinpoint. But their giant Jester’s Court logo on the outside of their building is clearly visible from the road.

There is parking near the door and an additional upper lot exclusively for Jester’s Court guests. And since it’s not downtown, parking is freedad and kids smiling by sign that says Jester's Court

10. Friendly Staff and Clean Facilities Make You Want to Stay All Day

The staff at Jester’s Court is amazing. They are very friendly, happy to answer any questions you have, and want to make sure you have a great time.

During the four hours I was there on my last visit, I saw staff members regularly wandering the floor, keeping a constant eye out for any safety issues.

Jesters Court feature image

Jester’s Court is a big place, but the staff does a fantastic job keeping it clean. The equipment was all very clean as well as the tables and floors.

I also really like that they have interlocking foam tiles covering the floor throughout the play area.

boy and girl smiling at top of inflatable slide

We loved our visit to Jester’s Court and are excited for the new rock wall and inflatables that are on the way!

About Jester’s Court

Jester’s Court, located in Walker at I-96 between 3 and 4 Mile, is open every day except Monday. Check their website for holiday hours and special extended hours during school breaks.

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3707 Northridge Dr NW
Grand Rapids

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | (616) 784-5437

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