Kids Connect Ballet with Academics at Michigan Ballet Academy

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Experience Professional Ballet Instruction at Michigan Ballet Academy

Any time I take my kids into Grand Rapids, I’m blown away at how much our own “little big-city” has to offer. In addition to our highly talented theatre groups and incredible museums, I just learned that we have a professional ballet company!

And in addition to its professional dance instruction, Michigan Ballet Academy offers a lot of classes for kids, whether they want to dance professionally or just learn to move with grace.

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Make Ballet Part of Your Child’s Comprehensive Education

You’re probably already aware of the connection between the arts and academics. Students who participate in dance, music, or other fine arts tend to have greater success at school in general.

Michigan Ballet Academy children’s division is specially designed to connect academic milestones to the art of dance. Math, reading, social sciences, and natural sciences are all reinforced in the practice. In a world where fine arts programs are frequently cut in schools, this important relationship can be easily overlooked.

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My youngest is a dancer, and his ability to pick up concepts at school has increased dramatically since he began classes. (His coordination has improved too – something we’re all grateful for.)

The pre-professional program focuses on helping students grow in technique and artistry. This world-class training is under the direction of former Bolshoi Ballet ballerina, Irina Vassileni – a once in a lifetime experience!

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There’s Still Time to Join the Michigan Ballet Academy’s Second Semester!

Enrollment for the spring semester begins on January 27, 2020. Students as young as three can participate in classes as introductory as “creative movement.” There are extra sessions of this class to make it easier for more students to participate.

Intermediate and advanced classes are available for those pursuing a career or simply passionate about their craft. The full class listing can be found here.

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A number of MBA students do go on to pursue a career in dance, but students who are not intending to become professional ballerinas are welcomed and supported in these more advanced classes.

One recent student received a college scholarship, and while she will dance at school, she is not planning to major in it. The benefits are truly endless.

There are a number of performance opportunities for MBA’s dancers. All classes focus on serious training. The Summer Intensive allows students to focus on dance without distraction. This results in highly disciplined, skilled, and professional dancers.

If your kiddos have any interest in learning about dance, I cannot recommend the Michigan Ballet Academy enough. Your kids will learn about dance, but they will also learn skills they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. It’s time to start the journey in the wonderful world of dance!

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